Learn the secrets of Professional Word of Mouth Marketers, and reap the BENEFIT in YOUR BUSINESS!



When: Saturday, 18th October


Where: Unit 4a, 1311 Ipswich Road

 (entrance via second driveway on the
left in Abercrombie Rd,off Sherwood Road)


Start: 9:30AM – 4:00 PM


So Ask Yourself…WHY do I Network?   


Chances are… it’s for…


  • Exposure
  • Build your career
  • Earn more money
  • Develop a high profile
  • Gain influence in your community, at work or business.



‘HOW TO’ Become A Professional Networker using Relationship Marketing Skills


People forget the ‘HOW TO’ part of relationship marketing and tend to talk about What, Where and Why.  I find that without the HOW TO, you do not know the skills needed to be successful word of mouth marketers.  Anyone can learn the system skills and put them into practice to be successful networkers, if they wish. They can even join a business networking group if they want.

If you are in any business, with or without limited financial means, you want to be successful and have your business grow at a dramatic pace, then you need to learn techniques that will support you.  By using networking skills you will learn how to do business the easy way, by building trust and integrity, with both friends and clients.  

Relationship building is necessary to be successful.  People buy on trust, knowing that there will be future support.  Learn to listen and give without expecting a return.  If you know how to support your clients and friends byfulfilling their needs, you will find that you will automatically build a strong client base.   

Learning how to keep in touch effectively with new people and how to develop the relationship needed for the future is a skill in itself.  Learn skills of how not to automatically think of the other person as business, but how to develop the relationship so you can help support them and fulfill their needs.  By understanding some simple business practices, you will find that relationship building becomes natural.

All participants will be given an extensive workbook to take away with them as a constant reminder of things that will help them grow in business!  This is not something that can be put into total practice in one day.  You will learn the skills and gradually bring them into your work practice.

Now is Your Chance to LEARN

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At Jennie’s Power of Relationship Marketing Workshop you will learn…


  • The basic RULES of networking   
  • The benefits of networking and why it is important to business success
  • The most important words in networking are trust and integrity
  • How to develop business relationships that last
  • Lots of tools necessary to build your success
  • How to get direct business referrals
  • The importance of business cards
  • General networking goal setting
  • Where and how to network
  • Importance of business networking groups
  • and much, much more!!!



WHO can benefit from learning these skills?

Anyone in business for themselves ; small business people who have limited advertising dollars ; people looking to build a network and referral base ; business people who want to communicate more effectively ; people wishing to build a profile without being pushy and /or  those wishing to create endless referrals.

Here’s what they are saying about Jennie’s workshops:


Jennie, a huge thank you for ‘The Power of Relationship Marketing’ workshop you ran on Saturday from Our Business Hub. It was an awesome day … really worthwhile information, inspirational and yet so practical. I would recommend it to anyone… business owners and their personnel…everyone would benefit from a workshop such as this one. I also enjoyed making new contacts and really appreciate your commitment to making our business journey a better one.

-Gail Caines, Ultimate Body

Thank you.  You really are special and I greatly appreciate your time, assistance and generosity of spirit yesterday by providing me a place at your workshop on Relationship Marketing.  How timely!  It was like you opened a window in a closed room and ushered in the balm of a gentle breeze winged with rightfully impersonal but genuine, universal love.  I received a redundancy from the state public service some months ago and have been struggling since for a variety of reasons.  I’m systematically addressing those with some inspiration thrown in too of course; your input is most precious like “oil on cogs” right now.

-Anne Bothwell, Anne Buys Houses 

Jennie’s workshop on The Power of Relationship Marketing was a very informative day. A wonderful array of information and sharing of this topic was very helpful; assisting those in attendance with clarity in coping with the diversities of personalities understanding the different interpretations of Relationship Marketing. Jennie’s way is open and clear.  Her wealth of experience also brings such clarity to any situation.  There was so much information to assist anyone wanting to create a better marketing relationship in any facet of life. This course is applicable to everyone and everybody will gain a greater understanding from Jennie’s presentation in understanding the Power of Relationship Marketing. Hop to it now !!

-Jan Muir, Health & Wellness

“Having met Jennie many times over the years, I recognised her as a master networker, being always recognisable, familiar, professional & personable. Recently I finally took the opportunity to attend her wonderful workshop on The Power of Relationship Marketing. The information & guidance which Jennie shared there took me by the scruff of the neck & made me take a hard look at my failings & strengths. I look forward to spending more time learning from Jennie on how to build a similar level of integrity & caring in my own business relationships.  Thank you Jennie.”

-Su Tindall, Moving Well,

“Great to learn networking techniques from a master.  I was doing it all wrong!  Lots of oportunities to meet others too, a captive audience!”

-Nicola Griffiths, VA

“Great workshop.  Fantastic.  I would very highly recommend it to anyone interested in building and having successful businesses …. thank you Jennie.”

-Bharat Sharma, Kinesiology Natural Therapy,

Jennie Gorman is an excellent communicator and has the appropriate connections that will serive my needs very well!”

-Lisle Pryor, Natural Therapies

“What a great workshop that breaks down how to network in the most effective way to make the greatest impact.”

-Heather Boon, Maximum Results,

“Good pace, good size group and just enough info for the time.  Very practical steps to implement … thank you.”

-Carmel George, Success Breakout

“Opened my mind even more about how under utilized I have allowed myself to become. Great stuff!  And in the process met some great people.”

-Greg Menz, Health 

“The day was perfect. I now feel I can go into any social situation and maximize the opportunity I have to connect with others. Thank you Jennie – great value!”

-Samantha Lyttle, Life coach

Jennie Gorman is very professional in her approach.  She makes it fun and very easy for all to intermingle and benefit from all aspects of the workshop.”

-Bev Seawright, Remedial Massage

“If you aren’t a part of a networking group you need to go see Jennie and do her seminar.  She will teach you the importance of networking and how it affects your business.”

-Blair Carroll, Personal Trainer

“This networking event has opened my eyes on how to build better business relationships.  Jennie really teaches you the art of networking and creating relationships of quality.”

-Katey Shaw, VA

“Like common sense is not common, most network marketers don’t have networks! Jennie’s ‘How to become a professional networker’ workshop is a MUST for any network marketer wanting success.”

-Ian Parkin, Network Marketer

“Loved the laid back atmosphere while still keeping on track and being very informative.  Was able to have my networking skills while also gaining new contacts.”

-Matt Jackson, Web Design

“I love Jennie’s approach of bringing case studies/examples of other networking professional and organizations for how and what they do as positive and negative examples of professional networking.”

-Annemaree Cotterill, Business & Social Innovator


To find out how you can do a session, workshop or procure an e-book,

email Jennie by clicking here or call 0414 278 344.