Why Networking is MY Life?

Networkin2for me has been a part of my life … it is my passion and my belief that we need to help and support everyone to understand what they have to offer others. 

I was never aware that I have been networking, as people and how their minds tick, have always fascinated me!!

I was lucky enough to be born with this curiosity.  My parents, and going back for many generations, have proved this by the things that they have done with their lives. I am told seven generations creates the patterns, and as I love genealogy, I have been lucky enough to trace that far back.  My family have always been givers rather than takers.  I was fortunate and blessed to have the role models from day one.

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I discovered about 20 plus years ago that there was a way to create better relationships in the form of what people call networkingword of mouth marketing or relationship building amongst others.  I soon realised, as no-one at that time was writing about it, or I hadn’t come across any books, that there was a system of what is now talked about as‘giver’s gain’‘appreciation marketing’, ‘go-giving’ or ‘referral marketing’.   It is all the same theme.

To be the ‘go-giver’ you have to be prepared to give to others firstly, without expectation of something in return.  When we are giving, there is always a receiver, so we have to be open to both these processes for it to really work and make a difference in others lives.

In the very early 1990’s I became aware of a process, which I still use today, and started to write about it and then teach it.  I want people to learn the significance of networking basics and how important it is to become a professional networker, if you want to develop your business.  It really is a very simple attitude change for most people.  We live in a society that wants to know ‘what is in it for them’, rather than, ‘what can I do for you’!

Appreciation marketing is so very easy to do!  Show people you meet that you appreciate them.  Everyone likes to feel special.  Gratitude for who you are, what you have, who you know and where you are now is what sets you apart.

Networking is such a buzz word these days and people continue to go to events …. Why I ask?  They have no idea of why they are there, what they are meant to be doing, and what they are going to do after the event.  I believe that by not having goals for your networking you are wasting your time, energy and money.

People say to me, ‘I gave ‘someone’ my card and they never contacted me.’  I ask, ‘Why would they’?  Who are you to them?

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Relationship building is not something that happens overnight.  It takes time, sometimes years, to develop a relationship that will move through the loyalty ladder to becoming a referral.  I believe that there are seven steps up the ladder. 

Are you worthy of someone’s referral?  I really believe that ‘people buy people’, not your product.  Have you created a good enough bond, knowledge or impression that they would want to buy or link with you? 

When referring someone or a business it must be genuine, solid and will come up with whatever is necessary to fulfill the want of the person wanting the ‘?’.

Trust and integrity are the two words that come to mind that are important if you wish to have a strong relationship with someone.

As a referrer, it is ‘who you know’ and ‘who knows you’ that makes the difference!

So, what sort of a networker are you?  Are you a good referrer?  Do you have good solid relationships?  Are you trusted in the marketplace?

I suggest you ask people around you if this is how they see you and if not, change the attitude!

For me, my business and personal contacts are of utmost importance.  I see them as one. I am happy to help and support anyone when people value what I have to give.

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