What is NetWeaving?


Traditional networking is about making contacts and connections for professional or personal benefit.

NetWeaving builds relationships without expectation of personal gain. Some too call it ‘paying it forward’. 

As NetWeavers, Jennie believes the more we give to others the stronger our relationships and our businesses become – thus a win-win situation for everyone.  

NetWeaving rivals Networking in the aspect that it sets out to serve no personal benefit to the giver.

Some call it ‘givers gain’, which is another nice way to say it.  It is all about building a very strong trust with integrity.

NetWeaving, coined by Bob Littell from the USA, is building bridges of trust by listening and helping others first. It’s facilitating the sharing of ideas, opinions, and experiences among participants.

Jennie creates her NetWeaving through her ‘Brisbane Business Power Hours’. These events are held every week for two hours.  It is a peer-to-peer support network of trusted business owners with her contacts, freely sharing their knowledge, skills, resources, and relationships to build each other’s businesses without expecting anything in return.

By learning how to NetWeave members become experts at building lifelong personal and business relationships. These will then become new referrals for each member.

Through ‘Brisbane Power Hours’ Jennie commits to bringing specific ideas to grow its members’ businesses. The ideas given can be implemented quickly. The key to members success is active attendance and a commitment to implementation.

What to expect from NetWeaving

  • You get to tell other business owners about your business.  
  • Opportunities to Joint Venture with other business owners.
  • Learn to market your business better.
  • Learn the tools you need to grow yourself to the next level.
  • Be around like-minded business owners.
  • Help you to not only build others businesses but your own too!!

For more information on Netweaving, ask Jenine today.

The LENGTH of a person’s life is not what counts. . . it’s QUALITY of the content with which they fill it.

If you use NetWeaving, in your networking, you will discover an added quality you did not know existed.


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