What Do YOU Want From YOUR Future?

This may seem a strange question to ask yourself.

Planning in business, and life, is the only way you will achieve the outcomes you want and desire.

I personally believe that planning life generally for what you want is necessary.  Not necessarily when or how but the KNOWING what you want is the start.  How you are going to get there is up to you and how much you want to achieve something.

We can never plan too early.  Everything that means something and is important to us needs a certain amount of effort and time to bring together our plan.  Life does not just happen with the big dreams and goals.  We make them happen by putting steps in place and taking ACTIONS.

We all think we have plenty of time, especially when we are young.  Time gets away from us if we take it for granted and do nothing productive towards our future.  It seems to catch up with us and one day we realise we need to make some choices in how we do our life if we have not accomplished what we wanted.  We are the only ones who can make things happen.

At school we start to plan early for the subjects we think we may need for our future.  We often, if we are wise, carefully choose how we do our hobbies and the people who we put around us.  We need to decide what we really want from our future life.

If you have left it until later, now is catch-up time.  We live at a time when people can go back and learn or study something new that they want in a career or as a hobby.  If we didn’t choose wisely when we were young the planning may be more difficult and the journey harder.  If we want it enough, we will create it by making it happen.

I believe the time is now to decide what you want from your future.  If you choose wisely when you were younger it will be easier to shape your future.  If you didn’t, it will be time to get some new skills to move you along the road to feeling your own self-satisfaction from becoming who and what you set out to be.

I run courses to teach the planning skills when creating your future. There are lots of tools in the marketplace to help you accomplish the same end.

There are certain things that will help you get your clarity.

  • Visualise what you want … if you have no idea, spend some time sitting quietly and observing in your mind : is there someone you aspire to be, who in your world do you admire, what is it that they do or don’t do that inspires you?
  • Consider your own skills now and think about what you are passionate about in your life.
  • Do you have a hobby that you are passionate about that could take you where you want to go?
  • What do you need to learn to become the person who inspires you most?
  • Understand your own self and what changes you would like to make in your own life, and find out how you can do that.
  • By becoming who you would like to become, would that satisfy you and why?
  • Would you do your passion for the promise of just being able to do it, even if there was no financial return?
  • Talk to someone who knows you well and get their opinion of you and where they see your greatest strengths. I suggest that you do not do this with parents, partners or besties, as they love you for who you are and may not be objective.
  • Create a ‘Bucket List’ of all the things you would like to accomplish and achieve between now and when you die. Think totally out of the box.
  • Put a plan in place, with the steps needed to create this dream job or future. What do you need to do to accomplish it?
  • Know what the obstacles are that you will need to overcome and the skills you need to learn.
  • Understand who you need to meet and how you will find them.
  • Start preparing financially, if this is necessary, for you to reach these goals. Knowing what you need financially, skill wise, support people etc is important.
  • Set dates for each milestone so that you can work through your goals easily in small chunks.
  • Talk about what you want to create in your life. Let others know.  People will just arrive in front of you with what you need if you are clear in what and who you need.

By just looking at the above and putting words onto paper that represent what you want, life in its mysterious way will unfold for you.  It is all about the CLARITY and your PERSISTENCE to achieve that will bring you all your wishes and dreams.  So make life work for you TODAY … don’t wait.

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