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“Create 2018 to be What YOU Want” Workshop (Monday, 22nd January 2018)


Do you know what you WANT from 2018 and beyond?

JOIN US and create 2018 to be what you want by making it YOUR year at this ‘HOW TO’ workshop through GOAL SETTING and VISION BOARDING. Jennie will take you through a process so you can consciously create your future. She can show you the ‘HOW TO’ by DOING and CREATING your vision in three hours. This will be life-changing. The goal setting process will help you set your year and life. BUT, you do need to understand the process to get exactly what you want.

You will have a workbook and do activities to help you achieve what you want from 2018 by putting in place strategies that will support you to achieve your goals. You can overcome the obstacles to achievement:

Do you understand the skills you need to learn, find or develop? Who do you need to help you get there? What are the benefits of reaching your goal?


Use Jennie’s formula to create YOUR goals for 2018 to:

– know what you want to achieve
– understand how to get it
– overcome the obstacles
– maximize your power to achieve
– create essential connections that will build and support you
– discover and work with your obstacles
– learn strategies of success
– vision your future.

By going through a set process you will be astounded at how easy Goal Setting can be.




WHERE: Bulimba Library, 219 Oxford Street, Bulimba

WHEN: Monday, 22nd January 2018


     START: 9:30am-1:00pm





Linda Hodson said:  This is a seriously must do event. I’ve seen surprises arrive from my goal setting sessions with Jennie that were so far out of my conscious mind they amazed me.  I listed 26 wants/needs last year and achieved half of them. A surprise when I reviewed them. WOW. My list is over 50 for this year and I’m sure measuring them by writing them down was the secret.

Natasha Howie said: The workshop was excellent. Just what I needed to gain clarification and inspiration. I recommend this workshop – great facilitation and space holding.

Margaret Wilmink said: I gained clarity and purpose through putting down my goals and the actions necessary. I recommend this workshop as everyone would benefit from this process.

Liz Walker said: This workshop helped solidify and consolidate my ideas for next year. I benefited with a strategy to map out and put words to ideas. The process of defining and layout out dreams to become reality has been and I am sure, will continue to be invaluable. Thank you, Jennie, for choosing to impact small business! I hope you know how much of a blessing you are! 

Sandra Price said: I achieved the ability to visualise my year ahead. The specific benefit I gained was writing it down. I can now confidently plan for next year and years ahead. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants a destination map.

Richard Hansen said: The workshop took the confusion of storyboarding away for me. The specific benefit that helped me was the breaking of the process down and the vision board. I recommend this workshop as it is very simple and effective as well as a bunch of fun! I had an awesome time and will go home and go through the process with my family. I appreciate you sharing the session with us Jennie.