Have You Joined the Plugged In Series Business Revolution?

By Tan-Ja

plugged in series businessThe Plugged-In Series – Creating Business Success Program is specifically designed for those who:
a)      Want to begin a business,
b)      Have just started a business,  or
c)       Are already in business and require further help to take their business to the next level.


Why the Plugged-In Series?


The series is the brain child of Jennie Gorman, who saw a need for business owners who were struggling, as they tried to be everything and more to their own business.

Jennie believes that if your business foundations are not rock solid, then your business will fail with time. “I am speaking from my own personal experience, as there was no one to teach me these things when I first started my business 26 years ago.”

There are a lot of small business owners trying to be the bookkeeper, the web developer, the blogger, the marketer as well as the boss and more. For a lot of people, that’s a huge task.

“I want everyone to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally, and the Plugged-In Series – Creating Business Success Program, can do that affordably and in a safe learning environment.” says Jennie.

The name is exactly as the program suggests. A fantastic series of seminars, practical workshops and Mastermind groups, designed to encourage, educate and support small business owners. From learning what it takes to begin a business, to flying high and independently with other Masterminds, you can choose your level and where to begin.


Which Plugged-In Series is Best For Me?

Business 101 – For those thinking about starting, or have already started a business, but are not sure where to go from here, this 10 seminar series is a great way to begin.

For a minimal outlay and great return, Business owners come together and are given a series of inspiring talks from other successful business owners. They cover the basics of what your business needs, how to get the valuable resources necessary to make your business grow, and gives you the tools to work out where you want your business to go from here.

Specific topics that are discussed include:

Systems – Time Management – Finances –Sales – Marketing – Social Media.

These are all essential elements to running a successful business.

A great chance to network with other aspiring business owners, and learn from those who are successful in business in their own right, this is ideal if you have limited business expertise but a burning desire to become successful in business.

The 2 ½ hours you spend on Business 101 will be the best investment you can spend to expand yourself and your business.


Business 102 – Is all about innovating through activities and processes.

This series of 10 active, practical workshops are able to be completed alongside Business 101 or completed on their own.  Participants in this series have basic business knowledge and have already started their own business, but have the desire to take their business to the next level.

If you struggle with any of the following areas in your business, then this is for you!

Systems – Time Management – Finances –Sales – Marketing – Social Media.

Through a series of hands on workshops, business owners will gain clarity, a deeper understanding and a clear vision of their business now and where it will be in 3 years time.

The 1 hour face to face learning is practical, thought provoking and fast paced. It is designed to drive your business forward, beyond boundaries you never knew existed.

This is ideal if you are a business owner who wants to innovate and move your business further to a higher level of success while taking your customers and clients with you.


Business 103 – Do you know what is holding you back? Do you feel that you are close, but not quite at the top of the success ladder?

Being in a MasterMind group is the highest form of business learning you can achieve with this face to face, 6 month series. It doesn’t get any better than this. With this group, you focus on two major growth areas – responsibility and accountability.

These are 12 x one hour sessions, where you will develop strategic alliances and work through deep challenges. By learning and discovering how to collaborate and joint venture, you will determine the critical factors for success in business.

This series is held fortnightly and builds on the processes already started in Business 101 and Business 102. The focus will be on accomplishing 2 x 3 monthly 90 day Action Plans, which are crucial for your business to reach its peak, and equally important for your business to keep the momentum going as you achieve success.


Why is the Plugged-In Series So Important?

The plugged In Series – Creating Business Success Program is so very important for your success in business. Today it’s not enough to hope that what you are doing today is enough to keep you going tomorrow.

Our business world is rapidly changing and you need to take the opportunity to invest in yourself and your business to make sure you don’t get left behind.

By completing the Plugged-In Series, you will get help to build solid foundations and fill gaps on those areas that are not so easy to deal with.

Often the owners of small businesses find their workload uneven and inconsistent. By taking part in one, or all 3 of the Plugged In Series – Creating Business Success Programs, you will achieve a balanced, well managed and consistent business with success.

If you haven’t booked in for the next Plugged In Series – Creating Business Success Program, do so now as numbers are limited.

Written by Tan-Ja


Contact Jennie Gorman on 0414 278 344 or 07) 3262 5343 today to discuss your options and which Plugged In Series will suit you and your business best.


Plugged In Series Business

For the last 25+ years Jennie has been helping entrepreneurs catapult their business into the 21st century by utilising what she calls the ‘New Business’ style of marketing and other smart business growth strategies, such as masterminding, social media, networking, and outsourcing.

She loves her work and the opportunities it gives her to meet people from all walks of life and to learn to understand that we all have the opportunity in life to be and become what we want.

Jennie lives her passion daily as she supports and mentors others to realise their own dreams. Over many years of learning and teaching about relationships in business she has recognised that there is no difference between who are you are in your personal and business world.