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Creating Business Success

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What is the 2015 Plugged-In Series?

The ‘Plugged-In’ SeriesCreating Business Success’ has been created for businesses from start-up to SME’s to help understand business principles necessary to create a successful business.  The aim is to take you from NOW to BUSINESS SUCCESS!

We want people to:   LEARN – INNOVATE – ACCELERATE

There are three parts to this series, created for new/start-up businesses through to SME decision makers who want help to develop both themselves and their business further. The aim is to educate in the foundations of business in Business 101, teach by doing in Business 102 and give a ‘board of directors’ for accountability and success in Business 103.

So, no matter where your business is at, you have the opportunity to move both yourself and your business to the next level for greater success.  We start off with EDUCATION, moving into ACTIVITIES – PROCESS with finally moving into the MASTERMINDING process.

You will learn to understand your innate skills and why you need to find people to work with you who have the skills that you are missing from either your workplace or network.

Skilled, experienced and well educated presenters will be used in the 10 areas of business that have been chosen.

Business owners can opt to do one-off sessions or join at a reduced fee in each Stage or do them all for even more savings.  See attached fee structure.

Why the 2015 Plugged-In Series?

This series is to educate small business owners to make their businesses work better, be more successful and to support them to create a profitable income.

Some participants will have limited business expertise so Business 101 will be a mainly via learning through talks by successful business owners of the basics.

These successful business owners will continue in a workshop style event with Business 102, developing on from that previous information, through actually doing via work-shopping the activity to become more innovative.

Business 103 is for those who wish to go to the next level using masterminding as their tool for success and accelerate their business.

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‘Creating Business Success’

Business 101,102,103

              BUSINESS 101 – educate              BUSINESS 102 – accelerate


BUSINESS 103  – MasterMind Group  

Dates to be advised … dependent on experience … groups are Start Ups/SME/Executive/Elite
9.30am – 12.30pm  (12 sessions)

All Members welcome to come to the Christmas Party as our guest.   

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