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The ‘Plugged-In Series – Creating Business Success’ has been created for businesses from start-ups  to SME’s.  We want to help motivated people understand the basic business principles necessary for creating a successful business.  We aim is to take you from NOW to BUSINESS SUCCESS!  It is your choice.


The series has three parts and is created for new/start-up businesses through to SME decision makers who want help to develop both themselves and their business further.

The aim is to educate in the foundations of business in Business 101, teach by doing in Business 102 and give a ‘board of directors’ for accountability and success in Business 103.

So, no matter where your business is at, you have the opportunity to move both yourself and your business to the next level for greater success.  




‘Creating Business Success’

Business 101,102,103


              BUSINESS 101 – educate              BUSINESS 102 – accelerate



BUSINESS 103  – MasterMind Group  

Dates to be advised … dependent on experience … groups are Start Ups/SME/Executive/Elite
9.30am – 12.30pm  (12 sessions)

All Members welcome to come to the Christmas Party as our guest.   

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Business 101 – Educate:

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Business 103 – MasterMind Groups:  

Jennie Gorman – Connexions Unlimited – M: 0414-278-344