“Our Business Hub”

Our-Business-Hub-picDo you have a place to go, where you can meet like-minded business people, who can help and support you to grow your business and yourself?

‘Our Business Hub is the new place on Brisbane’s south side to connect, meet nice people and be supported.

All the Connexions Unlimited mastermind groups, workshops, trainings and networking events will be held here. Our Board and Training rooms are available also for others to rent for their future events too at reasonable prices.

The aim at ‘Our Business Hub’ is to create a place for small business owners to get together to support, collaborate, co-operate, joint venture, share, learn and network for the future of small business owners.


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In business today we need to learn to collaborate rather than compete with other businesses. Competition is a thing of the past in my world. There is plenty for everyone

and I believe people buy people firstly, and then their products and services.

How do you see other people who do similar things to you? Do you find out how you can collaborate and support them to achieve what they want? By working together
you can set up a good joint venture. You can support your clients and friends by helping them achieve what they are looking to achieve in their business or life. By sharing our knowledge and strategies we can all win and I do believe that a good business practice is win-win for all.

Small business can be very lonely whether or not you are the only person in it. I am finding more and more people are looking to share office space as a way to support each other to grow.

One thing that Wealth Dynamics has taught me is that if you do not know who you need to put around you, to make your business a success, it will not happen. Dependent on the personality style of the owner of the business or the person running the project, the people necessary for the success of a business will differ. It is very important to understand this, as we tend to feel that we need to have people who are like us around us, where in fact, we need to have people who have the skills we do not possess ourselves.

I see this over and over again and experienced it myself for many years until I realised the value of having the right skills around me that complimented me and my innate gifts. I burnt out six times doing what someone else could have done easily because I thought these things had to be done by me rather than someone else. So, I suggest that you learn how to collaborate and joint venture to make your business an easier and healthier place for you to be.

In today’s marketplace we are fortunate to have the opportunities to meet many more people, thanks to social media. I love the way we get the opportunity to meet people we never would have met now more than ever before. In fact, many of these people in the past we would have had nothing in common with other than being a business person. Yet now, we see how we can work and support each other to achieve the outcomes we both want by working together.

So, I say to you … find people who compliment you and your business, who can support and share your load, who will meet you half way so that you both have a win-win.