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AUTHENTIC NETWORKING is what Networking Chats is really all about.  Being able to help all business people, from start ups to SME’s, develop skills for professional relationship building is what we share and support our clients to achieve.

This is a chance for everyone to have the opportunity to develop their networking expertise and knowledge.

These groups will be limited to 15 – 20 people per month so that everyone present gets the support and answers to where they are finding this process difficult.  Most people are out there going to events, having teas/coffees and chatting, but is their bottom line lifting.

The aim of Networking Chats is to COLLABORATE, SHARE and SUPPORT participants to ACTION their networking by creating skills that will help them to become not only better networkers but to become stream-lined in their networking.

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“Why Social Media and Face to Face Networking are Similar”

VENUE:  Our Business Hub

DATE:   Tuesday, 7th July, 2015

TIME:  2.00pm – 5.00pm


Bookings are essential ….

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Contact Jennie if you want more:  0414 278 344.

Networking with Jennie Gorman 




Jennie Gorman Interviewed By Michelle Ovens