NETWEAVING for SUCCESS without Expectation!


Netweaving for SUCCESS without Expectation!
NETWEAVING for success without expectation is about weaving your relationships together, not networking them.

Over the years many have heard me talk about both Networking and Netweaving.  I have learned that NetWeaving is the key for success, which self creates itself. It out does networking every day.

The word ‘NetWeaving’ was coined by Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver and creator of the NetWeaving concept, from the USA.

I believe that networking and netweaving are two different things.  Both are relationship building from different perspectives. One is to expect something in return, the other is to have no expectations at all.

Being a netweaver is to take a step beyond the traditional business networking way. It is a ‘pay it forward’ approach which will build bridges of like and trust at a deeper level of listening and helping without asking for anything in return.

A good leader is often a netweaver as they have learned through experience that giving will pave the way forward for success in the future. They are often connectors, communicators, good listeners, understand networking and the laws of reciprocity.

These people are building relationships with integrity, and if nurtured, with time and effort will become closer relationships which create continual pay it forward moments.

NetWeaving is more than giver’s gain. It is about connecting people with no expectation of any return ever. It is about just knowing and liking someone who you wish to support. If a return comes from whatever perspective, it is not asked for or expected.

Getting a return from your networking is usually conditional for most, whereas netweaving is having and getting no return. It is something done from the essence of giving. A return is not necessary.

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My networking is done from a netweaving perspective. My return is in knowing that the connection is a good one, giving others what they may not necessarily receive or get elsewhere.

I ask you, as a business person networking, do you give from your heart without the thought of more?

As mentioned, most networking is to ‘get’ not to ‘give’.

Networkers tell me they are giving and want nothing in return, yet when I listen to their words or ‘spiel’ it says something different. It may be ‘a good referral for me is ….. ‘ or their one or two minutes spiel is all about what they can do for you, at a cost, without you or your services being involved.

** NetWeaving is caring for another’s success and wellbeing – giving from the heart because you care.

** NetWeaving is all about community, being supportive of others no matter their age, gender, occupation or status.

** NetWeaving is about ‘being there’, no questions asked.

** NetWeaving is about opening doors and perspectives for others outside their own.

I suggest that you take yourself back to when you were small or maybe very young. You did things without even considering what happened after. You lived in the ‘now’ moment without thought of what would come later.

Whatever you did in that moment in time was done because it felt good and made you happy. You were open-hearted, sharing and giving. The reward was seeing the other person smiling and happy too.

You may have been sharing something, for example a hug, your doll or your car, because your heart wanted you to share. There was not ulterior motive involved. Your act was spontaneous.

I suggest that you see your networking from this perspective and become a ‘netweaver’ instead of being ‘a giver to gain’.

It is the simple things in life that make us happy, and these things are usually free. Giving to others is a gift to self. Nothing warms the heart more than an opportunity to give, often knowing it is appreciated.

Be the spark that ignites!

Help others to solve their challenges where you have learned yourself or know people who have. Become a netweaver without wanting anything in return. Support others to be the best they can be, so they can have a greater experience in and on their own life’s journey.

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