MindMapping YOUR Business


Do you find that you have so much work to do that you often do not know where to start?

If you want to grow your business you need to understand the importance of systemising.  Mindmapping is the start of the process.

If you are a creative person you will no doubt love doodling and drawing pictures of how you join all the dots, especially in your business.  I find that mindmapping is a great way to get onto paper a visual way of seeing my business.

Some people like to draw pictures and others like to make lists.  I do both personally.  What about you?

Wikipedia says A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. A mind map is often created around a single word or text, placed in the center, to which associated ideas, words and concepts are added.

Major categories radiate from a central node, and lesser categories are sub-branches of larger branches.  Categories can represent words, ideas, tasks or other items related to a central key word or idea. 

Mind maps can be drawn by hand, either as “rough notes” during a lecture or meeting, for example, or as higher quality pictures when more time is available. An example of a rough mind map is illustrated.

Mind maps are considered to be a type of spider diagram.  A similar concept in the 1970s was “idea sun bursting”.

In business today we have become aware of the necessity of systemising and having procedures so we can grow our businesses … this means we can then duplicate and outsource easily too.

There are many programmes on the internet that you can see, try out and then use to create your own style of mindmap.  Or if you prefer, get a template of the one you like that feels comfortable to you. There are lots of trial versions for you to choose from as well.  Just Google ‘mindmapping’.

For a business to grow and develop in size it is necessary for systems and procedures to be put into place as soon as possible.  If you leave it too long after commencing your business, it is harder as there are so many more components to add to the list.  I suggest that you use a video type programme such as jing.com to record your procedures as well.  A good mindmap will help you also to work out what you need to put on paper and/or video for your outsourcing purposes.

Enjoy the process as you streamline your business so that you can employ people either virtually or on the ground, having them using your system without you having to teach them individually as staff changes occur.  This is good business practice and will make your business easier for you in the long run.

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