Calling the attention of Team Leaders, Heads of Departments, Coaches, Mentors, Business Managers etc.


Would you like to have a system that has already been created, branded, manualled, researched and more? 


If so, and

you are managing or running a team of people; 

coaching and/or mentoring and wish to create a group environment

for future success;

would like to understanding how to bring a group together to lift their bottom line enormously;


looking for something new to set you apart to lift your bottom line.

Well, ask no more … I may have your solution.


By understanding how to open your clients peripheral vision is the key to creating a group that moves to the next level.  Ask me how!

GAINING new knowledge and ways to LEARN and GROW in your business can be easy if you know how!  Ask me how!

Business Mastermind Groups is now offering the Masterminding Success Formula to make you and your business grow! Brand it YOURSELF!

Since 2008 I have been running Business MasterMind Groups in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.  There have been up to 10 groups running in a year, all of which went for a minimum of 6 months duration.

Over this time this has seen over 150 people experiencing my MasterMind formula.  As a living organism, for me, it has been revamped and revamped until the formula now is what I am happy to put out into the marketplace for others to use.

My #1 priority for masterminding is TRUST, followed by accountability, responsibility and reliability.  The process works if participants are prepared to make it work!


So, if you want to learn how to experience & discover how to use our MasterMinding Success formula, contact Jennie at