Business Mastermind Groups

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MasterMinding will increase your business growth… Guaranteed!


Not only your growth, but your business productivity, resources, knowledge, contacts, the way you research and develop along with relationship and leadership skills will expand.

Do you need someone to keep you accountable so you achieve what you set out to do?

A plan of action will change your outcomes as a result of the systems created.

Now, does that sounds interesting? Want to know more?

Business MasterMind Groups has been created by Jennie Gorman and is a part of Connexions Unlimited.


SME GROUPs – SME’ssmall business or sole traders, entrepreneurs looking to belong to a group where they can have individual and independent support for their business. 

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EXECUTIVE GROUPs – BUSINESS EXECUTIVES looking to connect with other successful business people to create an individual ‘board of directors’ to move them and their business to the next level.  

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Janis Hanley talks about Masterminding for her:

Janis-Hanley-pic-150x150I came to a Mastermind group knowing very little about what it was. I was very interested in giving my business a boost, particularly in these difficult times. And Masterminding certainly brings a structure and accountability for moving forward with a business, but what Jennie brings is unique. Over the six month course of Mastermind, my biggest learning has been around having confidence in my intuitive abilities to give me direction about where to take my business. If perseverance is the vehicle that gets us there, then confidence is the fuel, and intuition our GPS. It is from these things that business plans, products and strategies can arise from and be actualised. The Internet makes the tools of developing a business readily available, but Jennie, through masterminding, guides each person in the group on a journey of self-trust.Joining one of Jennie Gorman’s Mastermind groups is like boarding a spaceship. You need to be willing to explore other worlds, and be close up to the others in the ship. Life support systems are critical, and Jennie puts masterminders in touch with other professionals who can provide the skills and learnings in what today’s business person needs to stay alive. With these support systems in place, you quickly learn that knowledge takes a back seat to knowing. Intuition is all you can really rely on in journeying though strange lands. Jennie wisely and calmly navigates the group through. It’s never plain sailing for any business – there will always be the asteroid belts, the worm holes and times when you must courageously step out of the ship. But it’s ok if there is an inner strength that knows that all will be ok. That’s what Jennie’s Mastermind groups build on – and it has been of such great value to my own business and life journey. I can’t really describe how Jennie does it, but, she has a winning formula. The best way to find out it is just to climb on board.

Janis Hanley

Chris Wildeboer talks about Masterminding for her:

Chris-Wildeboer-pic2-150x150“As soon as I heard that Jennie Gorman was facilitating a Mastermind Group I signed up and knew this would keep me accountable.

Jennie’s Mastermind Group has kept me accountable but also it has proven to be a fantastic investment of my time and money. Every fortnight I get to learn more about how I can expand my business and I’ve learned most of this by listening to other business owners in our group. I also have enjoyed the connections that I have made with every individual in the group. These connections are already leading to ventures none of us could have imagined. I see a Mastermind Group as an integral part of my business as it keeps pushing me further towards my new goals. It keeps me and my business moving. Thank you Jennie for being the Master of your Mastermind Groups.”

 Chris Wildeboer, Balance Central, Brisbane, Australia