Making A Positive Difference Is Easier Than You Think!

It astoundsMakePositiveDifference me how difficult some people seem to think making a difference to another’s life can be.  Most people who are networking feel that they are creating connections for their business only, they forget that by supporting people in achieving their needs, in all areas of their lives, is what comes first.

How do you make a difference in other people’s lives?  Are you listening to what others are looking for?  Do you listen to what they are really asking when they speak with you?

No matter whom we are or what we do, we all have needs that are not business related.  So, do you listen to what people are saying in regards to what they are looking for in their life to make it easier?  It may be a good trade’s person, a book keeper or accountant, a great place to eat out for a special occasion, where to get some good stationery or something for their computer, or where to get a great Christmas present for their grandchildren.

As you can see, people talk about all sorts of things that may not be anything to do with their business.  This doesn’t make the need any less than if it was business related!

So, you can make a difference to many people’s lives by just listening to what they are looking to find and the contacts they need to make.

At this time we are fortunate for the creation of Social Media.  We are being given a wonderful opportunity to connect with more people, getting to know more about the ‘friends’ whom we personally know and are in our network.  This gives us the chance to support even more than we could before.

To develop a good relationship for future success it is imperative that you are seen as someone who listens to the needs of your contacts, supports them to find what they are looking to find and become known as a person with good contacts.

Building relationships cover all areas, not just business.

So, think again about how you can help others in your network to achieve what they need outside of their businesses by helping them with find the contact they are looking to find.  This is why learning more about your clients and contacts can support you to achieve what you are looking to find too!

“Be the supporter that your network needs.”  

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