‘Learn HOW MasterMinding is 10 Times More Powerful than Networking’





When: Tuesday, 17th February


Time: 5:30PM – 7:00PM






Why not make this year your most powerful year yet!


Discover How to use our MasterMinding Success


formula to:

  • Gain new business referrals
  • Triple your business bottom line
  • Collaborate and create joint ventures
  • Be kept accountable
  • Removing road blocks that stop you
  • Grow your business from where you want to be
  • Share resources
  • Business coaching/mentoring combined
  • Learn what to do next when you and your business grow
  • Maintain confidentiality in your group
  • Get only the business results that count
  • Meet past participants who can tell you their experiences.



Natasha Howie

I have been in my own business for 9 years  and I was at that stage where I felt I needed some support with a new business. I’m absolutely amazed at the results that I’ve had. I have been able to grow and expand beyond my imagination from the help and support received from the peers in my mastermind group. The way the group was facilitated is absolutely incredible –  it’s a fantastic system. I’ve never experienced anything like it.  I have also experienced coaching and consulting however, I will say, having the mastermind group is incredibly different. The referrals itself had paid for the cost of the mastermind group tenfold.  I know how incredible the results are and how amazing the deep friendships and business relationships gained. So thank you very much to this business mastermind groups. I would highly recommend it to any small business owner as an absolute must in your business.

Natasha Howie: Get Smart Website

 This FREE session is for:

entrepreneurs who have come out of corporate and find that it is
not as easy as it looked … business/managers/owners/entrepreneurs
who have been in business for some years and need an independent
“Board of Directors” and/or someone needing to be kept accountable
with support to move to the next level. 

WHEN:             Tuesday, 17th February
WHERE:          Our Business Hub
(entrance via Abercrombie Street, off Sherwood Rd, Rocklea (enter second driveway to complex)
CONTACT:  Jennie on 0414 278 344 if you need more information.