Is Your Networking Building Your Business?

As a bu1siness person I know you know how important networking is for the growth of your business. So I ask you, is your networking building your business?

Many people who attend networking events, enjoythe experience but don’t attract more clients and/or increase their business profits. They don’t even build a new relationship.

Do not expect, just because someone likes what you offer, that they will be keen to catch up for a coffee. They may exchange business cards with you BUT nothing usually comes of it. This in NOT their fault!! It is because they are not sure why they went to the event in the beginning or what outcomes they wanted to receive as a result of attending. They enjoyed what they got from the event, but wasted their time, money and energy as they had not set an outcome prior to attending. Unfortunately, I see this happening at most networking events I attend.

If this happens to you, consider what you did or didn’t do to make this a reality! Why wait for the other person to make contact? If you liked them and thought you had synergy, make the contact yourself.

If you want to have a good relationship with someone, you need to put in too! Maybe the other person is unaware of what follow up is necessary after an event. So, I ask you these few questions.

  • Why did you go to the event?
  • Did you plan and have a goal prior to attending?
  • What did you do at the event?
  • What follow up did you do afterwards?

If you want to turn your networking into profits you need to create the relationship with the person. They may not even be aware of the potential of knowing you.
Most people don’t do business after a first time meeting. If you exchanged business cards, and made contact within a few days of the actual meeting via email, social media or a phone call, you can then follow them up to arrange to get together to learn more about what they are needing help with for their business!

It is all up to you. Do not wait for others to make the first move if you want to go further with any business building.

If you want to form a genuine relationship, you need to put in firstly. Most people networking are not aware of what they need to do after the event so they miss out on not only supporting someone else but helping themselves too.

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