Inspiring Entrepreneurs-Membership



When you join the Inspiring Entrepreneurs Membership program, you immediately become part of an extraordinary community of entrepreneurs and business owners where you can:

  • Network with like-minded people who value philanthropy, both online as well as face to face monthly meet ups around Australia.
    This is a fun and unique way to network and connect with others on a very authentic level. It’s also a great way to build sincere  relationships both personally and in business with thought leaders and action takers who are a force for making a difference through business and  life.


  • Inspire your fellow members and be inspired by what others in the Inspiring Entrepreneurs community are doing – get a huge dose of inspiration every month and share the inspiration with others!


  • Grow your business through our monthly education program which will expand your mind and help you to grow personally as well as professionally.  Not only will you become a better business person through the education and personal development, but you will also grow through being connected with others willing to share their wisdom, ideas and support you through the crazy and incredible ride of being an entrepreneur and/or business owner.


  • Work on small and/or large philanthropic projects with others in the group such as running joint community fundraising events, feeding the homeless one evening together, helping a person in need in the general community… right through to helping to build schools and orphanages in less fortunate countries.