Inspiring Entrepreneurs – About

The Inspiring Entrepreneurs Club is an extraordinary community of entrepreneurs and business owners who are thought leaders and action takers, and share the value of philanthropy and making a difference through business and in life.

We meet monthly to network and connect both online and offline, and discuss how we can grow personally, professionally in our businesses and to brainstorm philanthropic activities and projects that will make a difference.

We also connect through a private facebook group to share inspiration and ideas.

Natasha Howie and Jennie Gorman are the founders of Inspiring Entrepreneurs.

About Natasha Howie

natashaAt the tender age of 22, Natasha experienced a major traumatic event. Because of the intense emotional pain she  suffered, Natasha was completely driven to understand exactly how the mind works, and what drives human behaviour. What Natasha discovered about the mind was astounding, and she later went on to develop leading edge work on ‘identity level shift’.

Natasha has applied the identity level phenomenon with outstanding results in the development of organisations, peak performance in individuals, right through to brand identity for companies and individual brands to achieve extraordinary results for businesses. Natasha has been featured on Channel Nine’s Brisbane Extra, Bris 31 TV, Planet Radio weekly radio series, Brisbane Business News and Quest Newspapers.

Natasha Howie is the founder of Identity Level Shift Coaching, Brand Identity Marketing Consultant, and is an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Metaphysical Psychology and Masters in Metaphysical Psychology. Natasha also owns a digital marketing agency, a personal branding agency and publishes a monthly digital marketing magazine.

About Jennie Gorman

JGNEWJennie Gorman
 is a mother, grandmother and down to earth business women who lives life with a passion for people. She is known as ‘the people connector’. Her long-term success lies within her extraordinary network of people that offer skills, talent and resources.  Her unique and natural gift is to bring people together to create the perfect fit and ultimately change people’s lives through relationship building and trusted communication.

In 1989, Jennie commenced her first business, ‘My Connexions’ as a promoter, then in 1993 started a Personal Development and Natural Therapies Centre.  She started Connexions Unlimited in 1995, moving to business education, promoting national and international speakers and trainers, as well as creating her own events educating how to build relationships.  In 2009 she incorporated into the Connexions Unlimited structure her Business MasterMind Groups, which has proved to be her passion.

Jennie’s helps make people dreams come into reality. Over the last six years she has developed a MasterMinding formula with proof that it works! This formula has a solid platform. It is also a growing organism that develops monthly as she learns, develops and experiences more by adding new skills, contacts and experts to the team.

Motivating and inspiring people to perform at a level that they hadn’t yet recognised is paramount to Jennie.  She educates via on-going mentoring, masterminding, workshops, speaking engagements, networking and specialist events.  Being part of her MasterMind Groups, which run over 6 months, is the positive add-on to go to the next level.

Her specialties are helping her clients to:

  • create their circle of influence
  • being kept accountable
  • creating an advisory board
  • build a support network
  • find their niche market
  • understanding the importance of authenticity.