Do You Know How to Structure Your Business Systems?

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By Tan-Ja

 Setting up Systems in Your Business Successfully

Tamara Simon Teaches You How!

The Plugged-In 101 Series second session, was presented by Tamara Simon, who talked about the importance of systems and structure within your business.

“Be Clear About Your Business Model.”  Tamara Simon


plugged-in seriesTamara is founder and CEO of Business Scene Investigation and helps business owners simplify their business by providing simple and practical solutions to improve their profit and productivity.

Throughout the 2 and a half hour Plugged-In Series 101 Seminar on ‘Systems’, Tamara talked about a wide range of elements necessary to build a successful business. (Which is what the Plugged-In Series is all about – Building a successful business)

The 5 Key Factors to Your Business

Tamara gave us insight into the 5 key factors to Systems and Our Business.

She believes:

1. Systems are About Change – It’s not about policies and procedures, it’s about bringing your staff on board and making sure that they are willing to be part of the change. Once they are happy

2. Time – Everyone has the same amount of time – 24 hours a day. Imagine how great it would be for your business if your systems that you employ gave you back 1 hour a day. That equates to 5 hours a week which you can use in any way you like. Imagine getting back an hour a day!!!

3. Clarity – It’s  important to have clarity in your office. A clear desk and a clear office so that you can focus on what you need to focus on – your business. Having a good system in place gives you clarity.

4. Keep it Simple – Focus on what’s important. For example, set up systems to answer the phone, or give your clients the answers to their questions in a simple way. eg. How to place an order.

5. Reflect and Deflect – Ensure you are working on your business. Have your systems set up so that you can run your business in the best way possible. Having systems set up so that you can deflect in a reasonable way makes your life easier.

Answers to Your System Questions

During her seminar, Tamara ran through a range of systems and answered these very important questions:

Q. What Are Systems and Why Are They So Important? – Systems are about building some really great foundations in your business. As Tamara pointed out, quite often it’s the systems that are ignored because we don’t make time for them.

Q. What Happens If My Business Grows Quickly and I Don’t Have Systems? – Your business won’t be sustainable, able to be sold and if the knowledge is in your head, it stays up there and no one knows what is going on. You need to have systems in place.

Q. Do My Systems Need to Be Big and Complicated? – No, they can be as simple as a one page flow chart that will give you everything you need. Business should be simple and profitable.

Can I Put Systems in Place to Montise My Business? – Yes, making money should be a priority and you should know your bottom line. Putting the right systems in place can help you to do that.

Aren’t Systems Boring? Can They Be Fun? – Yes, systems can be fun. It stops being fun when things are complicated and too hard. Putting a good system in place, can give you the fun you need to keep you and your staff happy in business.

How Do You Find the Time to Implement a System? – Do a little bit every day. It will take time, but once it’s done, it will make your life easier.

What’s Your Next Step?

Tamara left us with this valuable question to ask ourselves after we have completed one process in our business. “What’s your next step?”

As a participant of the Plugged-In Series – Business Success Program, I would encourage anyone to take the next step and register for the Business 101 program and the 102 Program.

I will continue to review the program each fortnight and offer my own thoughts, opinions and feedback on the presenters both on my own website and at the home of the Plugged-In Series Site.

Next week, Tamara will present her workshop at the Plugged-In Series 102 session and I would challenge any business owner to attend, as the information you will take away something regards to implementing systems in your business, will be truly valuable and priceless.

The workshop will be practical and personal, enabling you to work within your own parameters.


If you haven’t booked in for the next Plugged In Series – Creating Business Success Program, do so now as numbers are limited.

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