How To Prevent Burnout From Over Networking!

How to prevent burnout from over networking

This is a story I know well.  I have suffered from burnout from over networking more than once.

I became known as ‘the people connector’ because of my networking and communication skills. It gave me the opportunity to meet and promote others. I learned the skills through trial and error as there was no Google or books available.

Some skills from one perspective were good. The others, not so good, as I discovered the pitfalls!

Have you found that you are not in control of your networking?

I have hit the wall nine times, by pushing myself over my own individual limits. This was a result of me wanting to do it all too fast. Networking takes time for any results and I have learned that it is worth doing, as long as you know why you are doing it and what outcomes you want.

I now recognise that I am not a total extrovert, as people thought. I enjoy and love people. I do now find that I have a limit on my level of energy for networking, which was once natural but has become more limited as I have aged.

You may be wondering why this subject is important. For me, it has been to understand myself and my clients better, whom I see going through burnout often. We strive to do the things that networking requires of us. Unfortunately, we do not think of the toll that this may take.

What is networking burnout?

Networking burnout is when we become both emotionally and mentally burnt out, more often than not, trying too hard to find our community. We search and attend too many events without recognising what we are doing. We burn the candle at both ends until we can do it no more. We are always saying ‘yes’, especially when we would rather say ‘no’.

This happens to many, especially people who are new and uneducated in networking. We need to accept that we can get peopled out!

An introvert will burnout earlier than an extrovert if they do not recognise they need time to re-energise.

People of all age groups get burnout. We often forget that networking is not only going to events. It is the meetings that go after events, the social media that is necessary, the follow through and more.

Physical face-to-face networking is only one part of the networking process. It is the ‘small’ part, but for many, it becomes the ‘big’ part! It is both time-consuming and draining, especially for the introverts.  An extrovert energises by being with people, the opposite of an introvert.

It is important that you consider 3 things when looking for an event:

  • Will it benefit your business?
  • Will it inspire you?
  • Will it expand your knowledge and contacts?

If all these get ticked, you are on a winner.

Learning to understand the difference between the introverts and extroverts is important. This will help you to recognise and manage yourself better.

Networking is different for both the introvert and extrovert. Watch this video to find out more by Roger Hamilton, the creator of Wealth Dynamics. Wealth Dynamics In 10 minutes.

It can also be a great asset to know the differences in the generations when networking. Here is another video what will support your understanding on Generation X, Y, Z

Your understanding of the marketplace you are looking to target and niche is essential.

So, to prevent burnout from a personal perspective here are a few suggestions.

  • Learn to understand your body’s need for rest
  • Be aware of what you consume food/drink wise
  • Drink good water
  • Become more mindful and meditate
  • Exercise by going for a walk daily
  • Spend some time in nature
  • Learn better breathing exercises
  • Take time out in your diary for ‘you’
  • Learn how to say ‘no’
  • Set goals for your own personal self.

To prevent burnout from a networking perspective here are a few suggestions.

  • Know why you are networking
  • Understand your personality style
  • Be selective and be present
  • Know your target and niche
  • Research the market/generations
  • Set goals and keep to them
  • Have a system and follow it
  • Find your tribe/community
  • Leverage with a networking buddy
  • Build strategic alliances
  • Schedule ‘me’ time and breaks away
  • Know when you have had enough!

There is quite a list here and I will cover them all in separate postings later.

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