HOW do I move myself forward to realise my potential?

I am often asked ‘how do I move forward to realise my potential’? I always answer, by saying, reaching your own potential is in your clarity around your vision.
When we were kids we all had teachers. Some saw our potential and supported us to grow. We often too had a sports coach and or a tutor, both who helped us to learn what we needed. This was the way to get the best education for our future. This also helped us to make better choices and grow wiser too.
As we grew older, we often overlooked the importance of having a coach or mentor. This could be for both personal life and business endeavours.
Successful business and sports people have someone to guide them to their potential. This helps them to get more clarity to go to their next level. Often more than one coach/mentor is necessary to develop faster. This way they gain an even better clarity around what they want. Often, they develop and outgrow that coach. It is time to find the next ‘someone’ in another area to continue the growth. This way they can keep moving forward towards their goals.
Becoming educated is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves. Over the years I have spent many thousands of dollars getting my education. This has meant travelling overseas to gain what I needed.
I learned that the only way to gain what I wanted was to have clarity on what I wanted for me and my future. It meant having a clearer vision. I then needed to understand my mission by setting goals that would keep me on purpose.
I see many people whose vision is clear, who are prepared to go for it and succeed in what they want for themselves and their life. For many, this does not happen.
I find many do not recognise their own true potential.  For them, they do see it but often find it too hard to do what they need to do to achieve it though. There are many reasons for this.

One reason is the programming they have had since childhood, which no longer serves them today as an adult. This comes to the fore and hinders them by giving an excuse not to go there. Sometimes it might seem too hard, or the person is too lazy or caught in their own lack of self-worth. To achieve what we are capable of takes commitment, time, energy, and accountability. I often find that these are values that many do not have or are prepared to embrace to move forward.

If you want to achieve your full potential these suggestions below may support you:
  • discover your own self-awareness with clarity
  • know WHAT it is you want to achieve
  • discover your WHY for what you do (Vision)
  • know WHO you need to put around you
  • understand the WHERE & WHEN of timing
  • know HOW to achieve your WHY (Mission)
  • goal set so that you have a way forward
  • get a coach/mentor to guide you
  • be accountable to yourself and your dream
  • continue to grow by becoming educated
By doing the above you will be supported, made accountable and on track to reach your true potential. This is your birthright!
Self-awareness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Being successful is not about the amount of money we make. It is about who we want to become as a result of the successes, no matter what they are. Unfortunately, we live in a very material world. What we make and create is not what makes our character. It is what we DO that makes us who we are.
Our actions are how we will be seen by others. Our legacy is how we will be remembered. Have you thought about what you will leave behind that touched others for their growth and success?
Reaching our own potential is the gift we leave behind after we leave this earth.  It is the mark we make that helps others to become their best too.  The more clarity we have gives us an opportunity to support others in gaining their own clarity.
If you want to know more or helped to gain your own self-awareness with clarity, talk to me.

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