Tanja Caprioli

Tanja Tanja is passionate about making a difference to other’s lives and thrives on getting to the bottom of “what makes people tick”.  As a co-facilitator for the Connexions Unlimited ‘Business MasterMind Groups’ she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that change lives.

She asks: Why do some succeed while others fail to get traction? Do you know where you get stopped and why? What are the critical success factors? She can help you discover where you may be creating your own road blocks which are preventing you from achieving your career and life goals. 

Tanja knows first-hand what it takes to be coached by an accredited Integrity and Values Coach. She has experience what one on one caching makes possible using practical tool that are easy to apply to everyday life. She has a tailor made behavioural change coaching package designed specifically for me. It has had enduring and irreversible results. It was a natural choice for her to work with an organisation that makes this kind of difference and shares my values of …

INTEGRITY– It is at the heart of everything we do.
LOVE -We bring love to our people. our clients and our work.
TEAM -The space to go beyond our wildest dreams.
FUN -The freedom to get a kick out of what we do.
We push through fear!

MasterMinder stake her up on the offer of a complimentary Integrity and Values Profile to discover what makes them tick. These results provide an insight that you will find difficult to ignore.

Areas of expertise: 

  • Leadership development 
  • Behavioural Change 
  • Change Management 
  • Executive Coaching 
  • Group Facilitation 
  • Communication  
  • Assertiveness training 
  • Values Profiling 
  • Business Outcomes 
  • Organisational Culture 
  • Vision personal and organisational

Generally getting you out of your own way!

Tam Ho

TAM HoTam has been developing interactive applications since 2000, He has been involved in a wide variety of projects including development of online games, social and entertainment services, educational applications and business tools. 

Some of the highlights include online social music services and online pick-a-seat ticketing systems. In recent years, his business has expanded into application development for LCD touch screens, smart phones and mobile devices such as iPad and Android tablets. 

His services have been positioned to enabled weband print agencies to take on mobile application going as an extension beyond their core business. If your business can benefit and grow from such a partnership, please contact me today.


1. iPad, iPhone and Android devices app development
2.Flash apps and game development for Web
3. USB key and CD/DVD interactive media