4th May, 2015 – Find Extra Dollars in Your Business This Thursday!

cash flow

“How are your business dollars – REALLY?”

Sometimes your cash flow is great and sometimes it’s not so great.

However your business is doing financially, it’s not too late to Understand Your Figures To Find The Hidden Cash In Your Business.

On Thursday, 7th May, 2015, Hitesh Mohanlal will be presenting and teaching business owners (and prospective business owners), how to do exactly that. He will be conducting a seminar for the Plugged-In Series – Business 101, where he will reveal:

  1. What it means to understand your figures. Are you the business owner who looks and really analyses his figures each month to understand them? Or do you rely on your accountant to do that for you once a year? Hitesh can show you the secret to understanding your figures just as he’s shown thousands of businesses around the world and has been able to increase their cash flow in the process.
  1. How to conduct a detailed review of your business figures. Wouldn’t you love to save yourself thousands of dollars by being able to do this? Hitesh saved an 108 year old business that was literally insolvent. And he can do the same for you when you listen to his seminar on Thursday.
  1. The difference between cash and profit. This is a world that most business owners don’t know much about. Hitesh dispels the myths and makes this difference crystal clear for you.

Hitesh also teaches you how to understand the power of leverage and income ceilings, why you need to break the rules and ignore the $ per hour. You will also learn who your ideal customers are for cash and profit and lots more.


For a small investment in a future that can potentially increase your revenue by thousands, you can book an individual session in the Plugged-In Series, and pay only $87, or pay in advance and receive a discount!

There are only a limited number of places left, so you need to get in early. Book now

For further details, feel free to contact Jennie Gorman on
Mobile: 0414 278 344
Email: jennie@connexionsunlimited.com.au



cash flow


Hitesh is known as Australia’s number one Business Increase Strategist, the Profit Increaser and owner of Lifestyle Improving Specialties. He’s been recognised by Fox, NBC, CBS, and the ABC.

Hitesh has worked with over 3500 businesses in Australia, America, UK, Japan and Europe. He works with small to medium enterprises to improve their profits by up to a staggering 2000 percent, while cutting working hours in half for the owner, so that they can enjoy an excellent lifestyle with plenty of time for family and fun and philanthropy.

Hitesh is also Director of WOW Advisors and Business Accountants.