Join the Plugged-In Series, Save an Hour a Day and Earn an Extra $13,000

“Plugged-In Series Review” By Tan-Ja

Over the last week, I have been working to get my BAS statement ready for the tax office and wishing I had attended the Plugged-In Series 102 session months ago! Anyone in business would completely understand why you need to have systems in place, especially at the end of each quarter. It saves you time, money and enables you to sleep at night.

It’s all about IF you do it…. If you DON’T do it, nothing will change. – Tamara Simon

Tamara Simon from Business Scene Investigation presented a practical workshop on ‘Systems’ as part of the ongoing Plugged-In Series 102. By leading us through a series of practical scenarios, we were able to consolidate and apply the knowledge about Systems which had been presented in the monthly Plugged-In Series 101.

Tamara was able to show us systems to put into place which would ultimately save us an hour a day. Even if you are working on a bottom rate of $50 an hour, that’s an extra $250 a week you could potentially be earning. Over a year, that equates to an extra $13,000 a year. Who wouldn’t want that?

These 5 Practical Workshop Tips which Tamara shared with us, can possibly save you an hour a day – leaving you to do what you love!


Use These 5 Workshop Tips to Save an Hour Each Day:

1. Brain Dump – Your mind finds it difficult to focus if you have too much going on in it. Each morning, spend some time writing down anything that comes to mind.

These could be things that you have to do for the day, places to go, people to see or thoughts about changing your logo. Tamara recommends having a notebook by your bed so that when you wake up first thing in the morning, you can do a quick ‘brain dump’ and get out of bed clear and focused for the day.

2. Set Up Structured Filing Systems – Save time by having all your filing systems structured. If you are more comfortable with the ‘hard copy’ filing system and have a filing cabinet to fill, Tamara recommends you sort and colour code your files for ease of access.

If you have an electronic filing system, Tamara suggests you structure your folders under categories and keep a master folder separate to your working folders.

By setting up a good filing system, you will save yourself a lot of time when you search for something. While a 3 or 4 minute search doesn’t seem like much, over the course of the day or week, it can actually add up to precious hours that you need to dedicate to your job.

3. Automate and Streamline – Anything that you can do to save you time, do it. Set up templates, set up systems to sort your emails and implement any other systems to help your business run smoothly.

4. Use Checklists – Make checklists simple so that you and your staff will use them. Tamara took us through a process to build a meeting/event checklist. By having this checklist, you are able to stay focused and organised – ready for the meeting without stress.

5. Stop Changing Your Mind – I myself find this one a very common one with clients. Many get an idea, implement it for a little while, then change their mind and begin with a new idea. Nothing gets finished and staff or contractors don’t know where they stand.

Tamara says, that when you get an idea for improvement, ask yourself, “Is it costing me money?” if the answer is yes, then you need to take a look at it and work out where and why.

Throughout the Plugged-In 101 and 102 series on Systems, Tamara shared a wealth of knowledge and showed us how she personally set up her own accounts folder. It was a very real and honest workshop.

You cannot have an all or nothing approach to systems. Their needs to be different ways to get the outcome by choosing a system that works for everyone.

Joining the Plugged-In Series, developed by Jennie Gorman is the most productive thing I have done. I get to network with like minded people, and I learn so much about different facets of business. By attending 101 (a seminar), then 102 (a practical workshop) on the same topic a fortnight later, I am extending my knowledge to a deeper level each time.


Want to Know More About the Plugged-In Series?

On Thursday, Hitesh Hitesh Mohanlal (Chartered Accountant & Australia’s No.1 Business Growth Strategist)  is going to reveal…

  • Understanding your figures – what do they mean?
  • How to conduct a detailed review of your business figures – saving you thousands of $$’s
  • Know the difference between cash and profit – most business owners don’t know this.
  • Understand the power of leverage and income ceilings
  • Why you need to break the rules and ignore the $ per hour
  • Who are your ideal customers for cash and profit.

I encourage anyone who is in business, whether they are just beginning or have been in business for years, to attend the Plugged-In Series.

jennie gormanFor more information, contact Jennie Gorman personally on 0414 278 344 for to discuss your options and which Plugged In Series (Seminar or Workshop) will suit you best.

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