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Connexions Business E-Magazine- August/ September 2014 Issue

Inside the August – September 2014 Issue                                                           

Relationship Marketing can take YOUR Business to the next level    Where to from here?    USP..What is it? Boosting Your way to Business Success   Protect Your Lifestyle while You Make Your Money   Securing and Protecting Yourself and Your Assets  Social Media…Do You have a Strategy?   Success What it is and Isn’t   A Trip to the End of the World Hainan Island  8 Keys to 6 STAR SERVICE  5 Tips for Great  Bookkeeping  Positive Vs. Negatively Geared Properties   Learn How to play the Marketing Game    Discover Your Strengths  and Orient Your Business Around Them   Adult Child Maintenance – Section 66L   What STOPS you from transforming your Ideas to reality?    Upcoming Events

Connexions Business E-Magazine- June/ July 2014 Issue

 Inside the June – July 2014 Issue 

06 Decluttering and its Advantages 09 Staying Positive When Things Get You Down 10 Thoughts on Traction 12 Did you make this mistake when investing 15 Eliminate the Hassles of Life 16 An interesting happening in China 19 Is your networking building your business? 20 Five skills necessary to run Start-Ups and Small Business 23 Welcoming Opportunities 24 Boosting your way to Business Success Business Success Demands a Plan 27 Profitability and the Business Model 28 International Travel What hurdles do I need to jump through? 30 Are you being the leader of your life? 32 Copyright and Facebook 34 Catch the new wind 36 Why is your Personal Image.. such an Important Business Tool? 38 Our Business Hub 40 Upcoming Events

Connexions Business E-Magazine- April/May 2014 Issue

Inside the April / May 2014 Issue                                                                        

Where are you in your life now? The Seasons of Life… Profit is the Reward for Risk Work “ON” your Business and not “IN”it Turn your Business into a Powerhouse of Success 8 Tell-Tele Signs You’re NOT in Control of Your Brain More than they Seem What has Resilience got to do with Relationship Building To Infinity and Beyond Expanding Your Property Empire A Simple Treatment for Alzheimer’s and Degenerative Arthritis Street Vendors In Guangzhon Missed Opportunities Means Lost Revenue Create Reserves Our Business Hub Directions Upcoming Events  

Connexions Business E-Magazine- February/March 2014 Issue

 Inside the February – March 2014 Issue       

Is Networking for Me? Planning for Achievement Osteoporosis and Death by Calcium Thinking About Trademark? The Importance of Leaving a Legacy Should You Rent or Buy Your Home? Dis-connecting IN to Life Business Management Skills Thank You: A Simple Act of Gratitude 24 MasterMinding, what can it give me? WRITE IT DOWN! Getting Things Done A Christian Wedding in ChinaWhat is Mindfulness? One Minute Per Week Boosting your way to Business Success! Negotiation Strategy Living the Lean Launchpad a Start-up Journey Upcoming Events  

Connexions Business E-Magazine- January/December 2014 Issue 

Inside the December / January 2014 Issue                                                     

Are You Making a Positive Difference With Your Networking? Is It a time for a creative revolution? The importance of branding for SME… Asthma and Breathing: Some Simple Ideas to Help The Baby and Taj the Tiger Mayonnaise, a Jar and Two Beers How To jump start your program & projects The Main Ingredients to Building Strong Relationships in Business Good Feng Shui Who’s Telling Stories About Your Business? Another Christmas in China Business Management Skills Big Ideas 2014 The Year of the Entrepreneur NEIS – New Enterprise Incentive Scheme Small Business Marketing Essentials Upcoming Events  

Connexions Business E-Magazine- November 2013 Issue 

 Inside the November Issue  

Mind Mapping Create your Business 10 Secrets to sucess in your work Property Settlement What does it mean in a nutshell Love Opportunity Climb Every Mountain Are Bad Habits and Unhealthy Thinking Taking Over your Life? Try Mindfulness Putting the Picture Together technology strategy and planning for small business Brad Your Personal Branding How to Think Like a Seasoned Property Investor What does it mean to be AUTHENTIC? White Teeth Hemorrhoids and “Oil Putting” A Simple Remedy? The Importance of Good Business Cards A Mountainous Struggle Learn Optimism Upcoming Events

Connexions Business E-Magazine- October 2013 Issue

Inside the October Issue                                                                                   

What and WHO are Net Weavers Our Business Hub Launching Photos Simple Health Solutions – Snoring The Art of Bouncing Back Fro Goats to Hospitals The Magic Of Giving Work Life Balance #7 Review, Revise, React Mid Autumn Festival in China Rocky Relationship What is Counselling All About Conversation Optimisation Growing Great Teams MANAGEMENT MINUTES WEEKLY How to Overcome Opposition Save Yourself Time and Money with Cloud Applications Property VS Shares Quick Tips to Deal with Change 5 Ways get out of reactivity and into responding with authenticity Prospecting vs Networking Business Networking for the Future Importance of Good Business Cards Your Business Boost  

Connexions Business E-Magazine- September 2013 Issue

 Inside the September Issue  

Awesome Authenticity Do you stand out from the crowd? One Minute Per Week . . . 
 go get the Business You Seek! Powerful Words Transition from the Mail Room to the Board Room My Net working Experience at Networking Chats Work life balance # 7 Review, Revise, React Are You The Leader Of Your Life? Why Property Value Will Keep Going Up Networking forSuccessFive Skills Necessary To Run Start-Ups and SmallBusinesses The Importance of GOOD Business Cards Family Law – Lots of Terms Journey of the Heart Growing Great Teams – Management Minutes Weekly Celebrating Diversity Is your business flowing – or is it in a swamp? Upcoming Events

Connexions Business E-Magazine- August 2013 Issue

Inside the August Issue                                                                               

AWESOME AUTHENTICITY Chapter 1 – Raise Your prices Who is Gabby Button ? A Trademark – What do you get for your money? Why should I have an enduring Power of Attorney? 9 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Business Phone WorkLife Balance #6 – Be Organised, Work Systematically Finding Your Holy Grail in Business and Life Fulvic Minerals Healing Our Shadows One Minute Per Week …go get the Business You Seek! Personal Development Becoming a Key Person in Your Industry in 4 Easy Steps SOCIAL MEDIA and How to Make a Difference Enjoying a Different Life in China Get Rid of Time Killers How to Predict a Property Value Increase Upcoming Events

Connexions Business E-Magazine- July 2013 Issue

 Inside the July Issue        

Million Dollar Lasting Relationship Raise Your Prices Developing Resilience and Creating Sustainability Taking A Quantum Leap How Does Crowd-funding work and is it right for your Business Work Life Balance#5-Daily Balance How to Master Your Time-10 Quick Tips for Increasing your Productivity Self Analysis on How You Network Now Not Yet wealthy?It’s probably NOT entirely Your fault When is my Will or Enduring Power of Attorney Valid and What should I think About putting in these documents? Fixing the Gut- What’s all the stink About! English Corner in China The Value of Personal Trainer

Connexions Business E-Magazine- June 2013 Issue

Inside the June Issue                                                                                       

Get YOUR Own Board of Directors Cruising the Adriatic Sea at the beginning of Summer with Business Blueprint Members Do I need employment contracts in my business? Tribute to Paul Humphreys It’s not your fault if you’re not wealthy yet! You are just a product of your upbringing Allowing your greatness to shine through The Natural approach of Health Achieving Work-Life Balance #4, Goal Setting for Work-Life Balance The Power of Vision How to Master Your Time10 Quick Tips for Increasing Your Productivity Why should I have an Advance Health Directive? Taking the Shine Off Glossophobia: Why Everyone Should Try Stand Up Comedy The Story So Far Is Your Website Working for You? Improving Profits is Only Half the Story Record Keeping Trip to Baijing, Tianjin, Dagang, and the Great Wall Chinese New Year Expand Your Business Network with LinkedIn

Connexions Business E-Magazine- May 2013 Issue  

 Inside the May Issue 

What is the Difference of Networking and NetWeaving? Are You the Strategic Entrepreneur? Go Get the Business you Seek! Small Business Failure… Negative Feedback or Positive Opportunity The Funny Things About Laughing Convert More Clients with these Three Simple Steps To A Powerful “Call To Action” Tips for Employee Motivation and Enthusiasm Have You Considered “Short Stay” Accommodation Appraising Employee Performance Effectively A Referral Network that Gives You LEADS! Do You Make Money while You Sleep? Stepping into Your Greatest Potential

Connexions Business E-Magazine- April 2013 Issue

Inside the April Issue                                                                                             

Why Networking is My Life Change the People…Change the People What is “the cloud”? Why is it so popular? Does sending a copy of written material to yourself by registered mail protect copyright? Why It’s Important to Plan Motion-what does it mean to you?(Part B) Accountability in Business Trip to Beijing, Tianjin, Dagang and the Great Wall Chinese New Year (3) Can’t Stop at Just One? The Science of Junkfood Service sells When You Excel Employment Sponsorship Questions  

Connexions Business E-Magazine- March 2013 Issue  

 Inside the March Issue         

10 Tips to Start Up Businesses or revisiting your Business Structure Fuel Up & Fire Up-the Ultimate Business Machine Profit Myth Convert More Clients With These Three Simple Steps To A Powerful “Call To Action” 7 Principles to Achieving Work-Life Balance(Part 1 of 7) Diet Not Working? Most Don’t-Here’s Why Turnaround Tactics What marketing Channels Do You Use? The Great Leadership Challenge The 7 Most Common Mistakes Business Owners make Online, and what you can do to avoid the like plague!(Part 2) What’s happening to the Australian Property Market

Connexions Business E-Magazine- February 2013 Issue

Inside February Issue                                                                                     

Take your Business to a Whole New Level One Minute Per Week… Go Get the Business You Seek! Professionally Managed Business Facets of Diamond Service The 7 Most Common Mistakes Business Owners make online and what you can do to avoid them like plague! Wherever You Are, Be There Lost your creative flow? What can you do to get your creative mojo back? The Problems with Business Cashflow Chinese New Year in China Top Ten Sales Tips for 2013 Earthing- One of the Secrets of Life Give your Spirit the Gift of Inspiration On International Woman’s Day 2013 Why would I need a Business Coach About Networking Chats  

Connexions Business E-Magazine- January-December 2013 Issue    

Inside the January-December Issue     

Is the World About To End? Have you stopped to think that your money could run out long before you need it to; leaving you old, broke, and alone? AUSTISM and EMF’s The Value and Importance of Having a Home Styled for Sale RECOGNITION: Babies cry for it, grown men die for it Questions- Are the key to a successful Life Does your Business need a Code of Conduct? Business Principles Series- Part:2 Maintain An Open Mind The Move to Quiet Leadership MASTERMINDING and how it can help you in your Business Mental and Emotional Focus the Key to Success (Part B) Authenticity- Are you real or just adopting the latest Marketing Gimmick? Naturally Behaving  

Connexions Business E-Magazine- November 2012 Issue  

Inside the November Issue

Want to Move YOUR Business Forward with MasterMinding? Five Top Tips to Starting a Successful Business How To Ditch The End Of Year Marketing Overwhelm How can Introverts do Business Networking and Attain Success? Monetise Your Wardrobe for Business Success My Confession that Led to a Massive Breakthrough What is Happening to Our Creativity? BREAST CANCER-CLUSTERS and EMFs Selling Process Reasonableness: A multipurpose leadership tool Mental and Emotional Focus-the Key to Success The New Paradigms Affecting Business Marketing and Intellectual Property The Importance of Established Business Principles for Small Business For just 2 Minutes-P.A.U.S.E Tips to consolidate rather than capitulate?