Don’t Leave Your Networking To Chance

Doors often will opNetworkingLeaveToChance-200x200en where you thought there would not be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.

As business people, I know you know how important networking is for the growth of your business.  Is YOUR networking building YOUR business though?

We never know where a door will open, do we?  Every new meeting is just like this.  It may open a door straight away, or maybe that person knows someone who needs your services or could help you.

Many people who attend networking events, enjoy the experience but don’t attract more clients or increase their business profits.  They don’t even build a new relationship from the experience!

Don’t expect because someone likes what you do, that they will be keen to catch up for coffee or for more information. They may exchanges business cards with you BUT nothing comes of it.  This in NOT their fault!

If this happens to you, consider what you did or didn’t do to make this a reality! Why wait for the other person. If you liked them and thought you had synergy, make the contact yourself.  Do this within the first 24 hours of your meeting.

So, be pro-active, and make contact if you liked them and felt they were someone you would like to know for your clients.

If you want to have a good relationship with someone, you need to put in too! Maybe the other person is unaware of how to follow up and what is necessary after an event.

It is important to become aware of why you went to the event.

  • Did you have a plan and a goal prior to going?
  • What did you do at the event?
  • What follow up did you do afterwards?
  • Did you stay with people you know because it was hard to get out of your comfort zone?
  • Did you introduce yourself to someone you didn’t know?
  • Did you introduce someone else to someone they didn’t know.

If you want to turn your networking into profits you need to create relationships with the right people. They may not even be aware of the potential of knowing you.

Most people don’t do business after a first time meeting.  If you exchanged business cards, I suggest you make contact within a couple of days of the actual meeting via email or a phone call.  You can then follow them up to arrange to get together to learn more about what they are needing help with, for their business!

If you want to form a genuine relationship, you need to put in firstly.  Listen to what they need and then see if you can help them get it!

Take your networking from ordinary to extraordinary.  Not only is networking an essential life skill, it is also the most basic business building tool in today’s competitive market.  Networking accounts for more than 87 per cent of all business in the market place today.

  • So, how effective a networker are you?  
  • Do you leave your networking to chance?

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