Customer Service- The Best Add-On You Can Give

As another y7ear commences, it is time to take a good look at what we can do to create a better business for ourselves in 2012. The one thing that is lacking, that stands out to me above all others things, especially in business, is the lack of customer service and acknowledgement of our clients.

So, what can you do to add value to your business this year and have your clients talking about you? I suggest that you ask yourself, “how can I create a better service to my customers/clients”, without it costing an arm and a leg

I believe we are in for another year of becoming more aware and pro-active if we wish to succeed. So I suggest that you start to use your imagination by becoming creative so that you can stand out from others around you.

Are you acknowledging the people who are your customers already?  Can you do more for them? Are you aware of how to make their experience with you a better one than they get with others?  What do you do that is different so they will talk about you and your business? Are you acknowledging their importance to you and your business?

Word of mouth marketing (networking/relationship building) is the most powerful way to make your business grow, especially if your dollars are limited.

Whilst I shopped prior to Christmas for stocking fillers for my grandchildren, I became aware of the lack of customer service in many of the shops. I decided to go for the first time into the new fancy low budget store near my home. Even though it was a beautiful new store, with large aisles and plenty of stock, I was highly critical of their lack of staff and service to the customers they were wishing to attract. Even though their shelves were bulging there was no one around to help support and direct their customers. I left the store with only one article when I was looking to fill a trolley!

I was overwhelmed when I ended up at another well know low cost store in the same complex where I found staff in many aisles, ready to help, who had an understanding of not only their stock but where to find it. I saw them helping their customers find whatever they were looking to buy. Of course, their children had already let them know what they wanted, but where do I find it, is the question! There I spent many dollars. If you are like me, and dislike shopping, this customer help is always a Godsend!

Of course, being a business networker I chatted to people as I walked around myself and supported them where I could too. The one thing that I did do was tell others of my experience with other stores and where there was a lack in certain areas! Good word of mouth marketing for the customer, not so good for the particular stores!

So, where is your point of difference going to be in 2012?

If you want to learn more on how you can create some new innovative ideas for your customers, talk to me via Skype at jennie.gorman1 or email me at to set up an time to find out how you can move your business forward in 2012.

I wish you good luck for this year and may you reap the benefits from your time and effort put into your planning to make this a great and successful year for both you and your business.

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