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Are you looking for someone to support you as a coach/mentor to move you and your business forward?

Jennie Gorman has been supporting people in both business and life coaching/mentoring for many years.  Her greatest love is being with people whilst they grow and become who they want to become.  She would love the opportunity to support YOU move to the next level.  

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Coaching and Mentoring are different processes.  Used together will achieve the outcomes you want.  Jennie believes that we do not always have the skillsets we need so are unable to pull the information out from inside of ourselves. 

Coaching facilitates growth and unleashes your potential to perform at your peak.

Mentoring is about supporting you to gain more knowledge, skill and experience so you can reach your peak!  This can be in a one-on-one session or as a group training session.

Why not come and spend an hour with Jennie to discuss what is happening now and where you want to go in your business in the future.

Jennie has spent many years working with small business owners and is a qualified coach/mentor through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in the pursuit of gaining the best qualifications available at this time.


So, give Jennie the opportunity to give you the way forward.

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Rob-Woodroffe-150x150I have known Jennie for over 30 years where she has been a supporter, coach mentor or consultant to Small Business operators, Entrepreneurs, or Sole Traders, whether in Start-up or “Review” mode. I have been in a Mastermind Group with her too so have experienced her process.

Jennie Gorman has 5 key skills and qualities that mark her as probably the Number 1 Coach/Mentor/Small Business Consultant that I know in South East Queensland:

1. Relationship building – Jennie takes time to get to know you (as she does with everyone she meets) which means that you are given personal individual and customised attention;

2. Trust – Jennie tells it as she sees it – in a constructive manner based upon many years working as an entrepreneur and sole trader in small business. Jennie has such great credentials and is universally acknowledged that her word is Trust and she lives, breathes, works, and relates by her word;

3. Systems – Jennie has a systems and process based approach to small business. Her methods, resources and tools are based on proven and repeatable actions and accountabilities which have been fine-tuned by many years of practical use, research, 1,000’s of satisfied clients and a willingness (ability and insight) to ensure those systems are reviewed to remain contemporary;

4. Confidentiality – Jennie has confidentiality stamped on her passport. She exists to build and maintain relationships with her network of contacts and does not share or claim what is not rightfully hers;

5. Authentic – of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. original, real, actual, pukka, bona fide, true, veritable Jennie practices Authenticity and has written a book “Awesome Authenticity” – in a world of networkers out primarily for themselves Jennie is a gem who has identified one key to success “build relationships upon giving and supporting and not only taking or selling”.

Rob Woodroffe, Organisational Transformation Consultant

Murray“There are many business coaches out there, and most of them have a lot of theoretical knowledge but lack the skills to be able to help people at the operational level. Jennie is definitely an exception to this. She is an excellent public speaker on the subject and has developed a well-deserved reputation for ethical and highly effective business training.”


Murray Barnett, Content and Copy Writer, Education Consultant


I am so excited that our Aussie Bloggers Podcast latest guest is actually one of the first people to give me my confidence back to begin a new path down the road of business.

She recognised my potential (I still don’t see what she sees), and she encouraged, mentored, helped and gently worked with me until I could take each step further and further and branch out on my own. A long journey, but one that I will be forever grateful to this woman for.

Jennie Gorman – you are an amazing woman and we are so proud of you and everything you have achieved in life. Thank you for being our Aussie Bloggers Podcast Guest. Your work is life changing and inspiring. OR

lisaI would just like to say the biggest THANK YOU for the ‘Create 2012 to be what I want..’ session that you gave Debbie & I on the 16th of Feb this year. The goal setting was great fun, but more importantly breaking our goals down to the next 3 months. I am very excited to say that I have already achieved ALL 5 goals (at 3 weeks!) and I am on track to achieving the 6-month goals within the next 8 weeks!

You are amazing in your delivery, your ability to have us create our visions in our minds, write them down & achieve them. I cannot thank you enough & yes 2012 is going to be everything that I create! 

Lisa Johnston, Lisa buys Your House

ChrisWildeboer“I created my business Balance Central in 2009 and about 18 months later I discovered something called Networking. When I started out I soon realised that I really didn’t know a lot about what it takes to be an effective Networker. It was at my second networking event that I met Jennie and she gave me 2 very important pieces of information that I still use now. They were – always go to a new Networking event twice and Brisbane is very small – do things in the right way and you will flourish – do them the wrong way and you will not survive. It made me realise that I didn’t know what the right way was but I did recognise that Jennie did know what the right way was. Jennie is genuinely interested in guiding people on how to network effectively and how to build strong relationships. I very quickly found some of the groups that Jennie was facilitating and I am now on the road to being an effective relationship builder. I see Jennie as a mentor as she is an active educator. When you are in Jennie’s presence you get to see what a great Networker should look, act and think like. Every time I am with Jennie I learn something new. Thank you Jennie for educating me on being genuine and most importantly listening to what others need. I look forward to our continuing journey.”  

Chris Wildeboer, Balance Central

gail_timms“I did one-on-one mentoring with Jennie Gorman in 2010.  I highly recommend it for small business owners, whether you are either starting out or find you are in a rut and overwhelmed at the idea of working your business out.  If sometimes you get the feeling it’s just too hard, your solution is to enrol in Jennie’s Mentoring Sessions.  It is the first step you need to take. Through working with Jennie and her vast business knowledge and experience she was able to guide me in the direction to identify how I wanted my  business to grow. All I can say is,  this is definitely not one to be missed!!!”  –                                                                                                                                                                              

Gail Timms, Energisus