PluggedIn Series


29th April 2015

Are you thinking about starting a business or have already started?

If so, YOU need this session to make sure you are doing everything that needs to be done to keep yourself ahead of the crowd.

Do You Want To Understand Your Figures To Find The Hidden Cash In Your Business?

If YES, I want to personally invite you to attend the next Plugged-In Series Business 101-Session #3 on “Finances – don’t run a charity”.   Thursday, 7th May from 9.30am to 12noon.

Our expert presenter Hitesh Mohanlal (Chartered Accountant & Australia’s No.1 Business Growth Strategist)  is going to reveal…

  • Understanding your figures – what do they mean?
  • How to conduct a detailed review of your business figures – saving you thousands of $$’s
  • Know the difference between cash and profit – most business owners don’t know this.
  • Understand the power of leverage and income ceilings
  • Why you need to break the rules and ignore the $ per hour
  • Who are your ideal customers for cash and profit.



20th April 2015

I was overwhelmed with the response and success of Tamara Simon’s presentation nearly a fortnight ago for the Plugged-In Series Session on ”Systems – It’s more than that’. Everything Tamara shared and presented was powerful and effective.

So, now is the right time to put everything that we’ve learned into practice in a workshop event. You will learn what is best for you and HOW to put these systems in place.

Tamara Simon on
“Systems – It’s more than that”

JOIN US on Thursday 23rd April from 9.30am-12.30pm to workshop ‘Setting Up Systems –it’s more than you’. You will get a workbook to work through so that you have plenty of take-home ideas.

This practical and interactive workshop will show you how to write procedures and templates quickly and easily so your business becomes simpler, profitable and sustainable.

You will walk away with simple strategies to implement in your business including

  • fee proposal procedure
  • checklists
  • finance reminder emails and more …

I do look forward to having you with us. Call me to book in at 0414 278 344, email me or fill in the booking form at

16th March 2015

Get ready for the Next Events that will Help You and Your Business to GROW!

Mark Your Calendars now!

If you’d like to grow your business, go after more exciting opportunities and make more money? Join us on 24th March and ‘Discover HOW to Make Your Business More Sustainable’. This is a FREE WORKSHOP!

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If You Want to Know ‘WHY Social Media and Face To Face Networking are Similar?’ Come & JOIN us on 25th March.

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