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March Theme – Time Management




BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘The Importance of Business Cards’ – Tues 16th April


BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘WHAT and WHY time management so important in our business success? – Tuesday 5th March – Verandah on Racecourse, 30 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton –  9.15am-11.30am

Talking with members of this group it seems that time management is something that many find difficult to cultivate. Being in business for oneself, and maybe in a home office, having to do every part of the business, is even more difficult,  We need to understand the processes necessary to have in place to give us time out for other things too.

FOODS options:

       #1 = 1 egg & bacon on toast (poached, scrambled, fried) – state if GF

       #2 = 2 eggs on toast (poached, scrambled, fried) – state if GF

       #3 = 1 x Banana Bread       #4 = Vegan

       Tea or coffee of your choice.
POWER HOURs is a weekly meeting between serious business owners wishing to support and be supported by other business owners looking for help in regards to each others business challenges. The event is brainstorming on each challenge and discussion on what is happening in the marketplace for small business owners.


Each group will have no more than 12 participants. Once that number is reached, the group closes for that meeting.
By attending Power Hours you will:

  • Network with other business people;
  • Never be lonely again, find your tribe;
  • Brings unconscious questions to the fore as a result of the conversation;
  • Learn new skill sets for your business;
  • Understand yours and others challenges;
  • Discover the importance of being authentic and REAL;
  • Learn the importance of accountability;
  • Show and support others with your skill set;
  • Gain better networking skills;
  • All taken in a relaxed and informal surroundings.

BOOKINGS essential. The $20 fee gives you morning tea of tea/coffee/drink and something savoury or sweet to eat PLUS a group of people who can support you to grow your business and through your challenges.

We look forward to having you with us.
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BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘The Importance of Business Cards’ – Tues 16th April