Brisbane Small Business Networking Power Hours

Brisbane Small Business Networking – Power Hours

held from 9.15am – 11.30am every Tuesday at Verandah on Racecourse, 30 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton.

Bookings are necessary as only 18 people can attend.


More info: CALL +61 414-278-344 oEMAIL Jennie NOW!


Power Hours is a weekly Brisbane small business networking supportive event
for business owners / decision makers.


February Theme – Business Systems



Verandah on Racecourse, 30 Racecourse Road, Hamilton.

Parking: surrounding streets or Hamilton Hotel




BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘HOW do I set up systems for myself?’ – Tues 26th February –  Verandah on Racecourse, 30 Racecourse Road, Hamilton  –  9.15am-11.15am

Let’s now discuss the actual setting up of a good system.  This is a procedure that takes time.  If you are new in business it will be easy as you can just start creating the areas that you are working on as a starter.  If you have been in business for some time, you no doubt have your information stored in various places and need to bring them in line into a system that can be used by not only you but others in your team, either now or in the future.



March Theme – Time Management


BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘WHAT and WHY time management so important in our business success? – Tuesday 5th March – Verandah on Racecourse, 30 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton –  9.15am-11.30am

Talking with members of this group it seems that time management is something that many find difficult to cultivate. Being in business for oneself, and maybe in a home office, having to do every part of the business, is even more difficult,  We need to understand the processes necessary to have in place to give us time out for other things too.



BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘WHO can help me with my time management?’ – Tues 12th March – Verandah on Racecourse, 30 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton – 9.15am-11.30am

Once we understand that we need some support it is easier to work out who can help us put systems in that work for us and our business individually.  We are all different personality styles so the systems we use will be very dependent on that factor. Who and what are you lacking?



BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘WHEN & WHERE do I get to understand and create better time management systems?’ – Tues 19th March – Verandah on Racecourse, 30 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton – 9.15am-11.30am

Knowing what and who we need for our best time management tools is critical before we consider when and where we get our support.  All businesses are different and in need of different personalities to support them. Where are you finding this difficult in your business?



BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘HOW do I implement my time management strategies?’ – Tues 26th March – Verandah on Racecourse, 30 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton  9.15am-11.30am

Let’s now discuss the actual setting up of some good time management rules.  By now if you have been here all month you will have some clarity around your own challenges in being time productive.  We can help and support each other by getting an accountability buddy too.




If you are interested in one-on-one coaching/mentoring talk with Jennie today.




POWER HOURs REVIEWS for Brisbane Small Business Networking

Sanjiv Gurram says:  Before going to power hours with Jennie Gorman I was a little nervous. I hadn’t attended any networking meetings in years and didn’t know if it would be worthwhile. What I found when I arrived was a warm, friendly and accommodating Jennie who really made me feel welcome. 
And not only that, her meetings have structure and discussion on certain topics over 5 weeks so people get a great in-depth understanding of a topic before moving on. That’s a stark difference from most networking groups where you’ll have a speaker talking about their area for a short session. 
I couldn’t recommend power hours to you enough if you’re in business and you’re looking for a group of friendly people to help support you and your business. So much so that I drive across town to get there on Tuesday mornings.  Enliven Media Corp
Kathleen Casagrande says: Power Hours is just that. Only 2 hours a week to meet with a group of friendly supportive business people. It’s not quantity, it’s quality and I travel from the other side of town to attend because I have not found anything else that compares to the welcoming warmth Jennie Gorman exudes to make each and every person feel completely welcome.  KC Consulting Systems

Sunny Maxwell Thank you Jennie … your Power Hours are exactly that! … very powerful, thought provoking & a joy to share with such awesome people.  I receive way more than I ever anticipated.  Social Media Services

Di Riddell says: Power Hours with Jennie is a wonderful networking group with a difference. It is based on a sharing of knowledge with meaty topic each week in a warm and supportive environment. Members of the group are incredibly supportive of each other. Through a connection here I even found the right real estate person to buy my home through. You just never know where the connections will come by, It is the power of the network Jennie has created.   Colour Your Life with Confidence
Gillian Farry says: From the moment I first attended Power Hours, I realised it was mutually supportive environment with exceptional networking opportunities along with a schedule of weekly topics that are inspirational and informative! Very worthwhile to attend!   Human Behaviour Expert / Author / Public Speaker
Kim Matthews says: Power Hours is networking with a purpose a topic and skills developed every week. Sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience in a supportive and welcoming environment. I would highly recommend coming.  Bowen Healing Worx
Laura Anderson says: Why I enjoy Power Hours. When you are with a great group of people that Jennie allows into the group you know that you can be your authentic self. The people in the group are genuine and are there to help you in your business and if need be your personal challenges if warranted.  Jennie chairs the power hour and it is run efficiently and productively.
Each week I have been lucky enough to meet new lovely people who attend and walk away knowing that my morning was not wasted. Power hours are structured and there is a high level of respect amongst the group. We all have our turn at talking and no one talks over the other person (respect). Each week a different subject is up for discussion.  Inner Harmony & Healing
Catalina Adarme-Vega says:  Power hours is a space that gives you connection and a tribe with other business people. It is an open-space of support, learning and connection, with a different topic every time. I have found power hours to be an enjoyable space were everyone encourages and supports you to continue growing in your business.  😊   The Note Business & Sacred Ground

Peter O’Donnell says:  Power Hours is a safe space for business owners to share and grow.  Jennie ensures that it is a high trust environment and that there is always valuable information shared to enable business owners to grow themselves and their business. I enjoy being part of the power hours tribe.   The Note Business & Sacred Ground

Anjanette Parker says:  Just the best atmosphere with beautiful people who are realistic and idealist. Jen is the best at bringing like-minded business and creative people together. Well done Jen x  Anjanette Parker Real Estate

Anthony Metivier If you’re looking for a well-connected leader of entrepreneurs with authentic ethics, massive purpose and inspiring grit for what it takes to really succeed in business, look no further than Jennie Gorman’s Power Hours. When I first landed in Brisbane, I was blessed to meet Jennie and her group. She provides excellent discovery exercises, connects you with the right people in the community and brings deep insights to any hurdle or challenge you might be facing in your business. It’s truly rare to find a community like Jennie provides for people who do business with heart and long for the success we all know can only happen when you have the right people supporting you. Highly recommended!  Magnetic Memory Method
Nick Dorogavtsev My first business networking was at Jennie’s Chats 6 years ago. Now she is running Power Hours events that are awesome, practical and very welcoming to all small business owners in Brisbane. Can only highly recommend visiting it. Location is perfect, easy to park and even easier to connect with Brisbane small business owners. Networking helped us to grow our business aVers Bookkeeping Services.

Peter O’Donnell: This business networking group is a delight to experience. Positive, open-minded business owners. Gently, and with artful skill, guided by the lovely Jennie Gorman. A very authentic group. The Note Business

Angela De Palma Jennie Gorman is a fantastic facilitator. Each time I attend Power Hour I come away with new connections that are deeper than just attending a regular networking event. This is because of the way Jennie facilitates the group. Apart from learning about the topic of the meeting, you will come away with enormous value and the opportunity of being part of an amazing community. I have been in Jennie ‘s groups in the past and I am never disappointed and through her have met some lifelong friends. Thanks, Jennie you are an amazing human and excellent at helping business owners grow their mindset as well as themselves and their skills.  Vision Accountable

Sandy Kitchener:  At Jennie’s networking group we not only meet new business owners but it’s always such an enjoyable experience.  Bookwiz Aspley

Sharon Musker:  Jennie Gorman is a beautiful and caring individual. She runs well designed networking programs in Brisbane especially for small business. Without her dedication and assistance, many small business owners would struggle. Thank you Jennie, for being you.  Wise Up Energy
Stephen Trench Wonderful experience with a great team . Jennie is the best you can get. Join in the winning team. Laser Reprints
Di Riddell:  What a fabulous network. Jennie’s generosity and authenticity are legendary. Apart from the value of Power Hours through this network. I found my new home. Benefits all round. Thanks Jennie for your support and friendship.  Colour Your Life with Confidence
Rose Gibbens Power Hours with Jennie Gorman is my favourite business group in Brisbane. Informative with great speakers and interactive participation by all. I can highly recommend this outstanding group to you.  NRG Groups
Gabrielle Conescu: I was delightfully surprised at the generosity of spirit among the people who were there at the Brisbane Power Hours meeting. This is a great supportive space for connecting with other small business people and sharing solutions to commonly faced issues.  Fifth Dimension Art


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