Brisbane Small Business Networking – Power Hours

held from 9.15am – 11.15am every Tuesday at S-Bar Cafe, Clayfield.

Bookings are necessary as only 12 people can attend.


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Brisbane Power Hours is a weekly small business networking event created for business owners.



June Theme – Face-to-Face & On-Line Relationship Building



BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘HOW to actually network. The DO’s and DON’Ts. – Tues 26th June

Learning how to network is one of the hardest things if you have not been fortunate enough to really understand the do’s and don’ts that can either make or break you.  These are fundamental but I still find that most people do not recognise they are missing the most important ingredients of all.


July Theme – Q & A on Different Areas of Business


BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘WHAT & WHY the different areas of Business – Tues 3rd July

Administration and Operations, Financial, Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Products & Services are all different areas within a business. If you don’t understand where you want your business to go (Vision) and how you are going to do it (Mission), you will be in trouble from the start.  How do I learn that?  Let’s find out how!!


BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘What does Admin & Operational Procedures mean?’ – Tues 10th July

Admin and Operations are the set up and basic mechanics of your business.  The ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of everything.  This is where Systems come into play and the sooner you start getting these happening the better.  Let’s talk and build on the Systems we discussed in May and start looking at what you need to do to make this happen.


BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘What is necessary for our Financial & Technology side of our Business’ – Tues 17th July

Finance and Technology are sometimes the hardest part in setting up businesses, especially for the non-techo type personalities.  We MUST have a basic understanding of both these before farming them out to another person. Without understanding your numbers or the technical side of your business you will be in trouble.  Let’s talk about where you are at, where your holes in your business are and who you need to help you.


BUSINESS POWER HOURs – ‘What are our Products and Services?’ – Tues 24th July

Your Products and Services are what your business is made of. We need to have both in some form eg selling a product we need to have the service right or giving a service will have a product of some kind attached to it. Let’s look at these for your business and how we can make them work better for you in the future.


BUSINESS POWER HOURs –‘What is Sales & Marketing for my Business?’ – Tues 31st July

Every business needs to have a strong sales and marketing part as all businesses have products and/or services, as mentioned in last weeks session. How are your sales and marketing skills?  What are you doing to get your products and services into the marketplace?  Where do you go and how do you do it?  Come and find out more.


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Anthony Metivier If you’re looking for a well-connected leader of entrepreneurs with authentic ethics, massive purpose and inspiring grit for what it takes to really succeed in business, look no further than Jennie Gorman’s Power Hours. When I first landed in Brisbane, I was blessed to meet Jennie and her group. She provides excellent discovery exercises, connects you with the right people in the community and brings deep insights to any hurdle or challenge you might be facing in your business. It’s truly rare to find a community like Jennie provides for people who do business with heart and long for the success we all know can only happen when you have the right people supporting you. Highly recommended!

Nick Dorogavtsev My first business networking was at Jennie’s Chats 6 years ago. Now she is running this Power Hours events that are awesome, practical and very welcoming to all small business owners in Brisbane. Can only highly recommend visiting it. Location is perfect, easy to park and even easier to connect with Brisbane small business owners. Networking helped us to grow our business aVers Bookkeeping Services.

Peter O’Donnell: This business networking group is a delight to experience. Positive, open minded business owners. Gently, and with artful skill, guided by the lovely Jennie Gorman. A very authentic group.

Angela De Palma Jennie Gorman is a fantastic facilitator. Each time I attend Power Hour I come away with new connections that are deeper then just attending a regular networking event. This is because of the way Jennie facilitates the group. Apart from learning about the topic of the meeting you will come away with enormous value and the opportunity of being part of an amazing community. I have been in Jennie ‘s groups in the past and I am never disappointed and through her have met some lifelong friends. Thanks Jennie you are an amazing human and excellent at helping business owners grow their mindset as well as themselves and their skills.

Sandy Kitchener:  At Jennie’s networking group we not only meet new business owners but it’s always such an enjoyable experience. 

Sharon Musker:  Jennie Gorman is a beautiful and caring individual. She runs well designed networking programs in Brisbane especially for small business. Without her dedication and assistance many small business owners would struggle. Thank you Jennie for being you.
Stephen Trench Wonderful experience with a great team . Jennie is the best you can get. Join in the winning team.
Di Riddell:  What a fabulous network. Jennie’s generosity and authenticity are legendary. Apart from the value of Power Hours through the network i found my new home. Benefits all round. Thanks Jennie for your support and friendship

Rose Gibbens Power Hours with Jennie Gorman is my favourite business group in Brisbane. Informative with great speakers and interactive participation by all. I can highly recommend this outstanding group to you.

Gabrielle Conescu: I was delightfully surprised at the generosity of spirit among the people who were there at the Brisbane Power Hours meeting. This is a great supportive space for connecting with other small business people and sharing solutions to commonly faced issues.