Awesome Authenticity Radio Interview  

Listen below to the inspirational chat by KAren Swain with the wonderful Jennie Gorman on her book ‘Awesome Authenticity’.

“Jennie has become known as ‘the people connector’ as a result of many years of promoting and connecting people both nationally and internationally.

She has been working and developing her connections consciously for over 20 years and believes that building strong ‘win-win’ relationships is the only way for future business success.”

karen Swain pic 2Wow, is she a power house of awesome energy and knowledge, this conversation is a must listen if you want to know more about how you can succeed in your business and get your message out into the world. Jennie has released her new book ‘Awesome Authenticity – Mastering Business Relationships,” which is a wonderful guide for small business.


Jennie Gorman on ATP Radio with KAren Swain



Jennie Gorman’s Interview by Geoff Moller