AWESOME AUTHENTICITY – Mastering Business Relationships

I hear you Authentic-Owlasking, what does she mean by beingtotally authentic’ and having ‘awesome authenticity’?  To be awesome is to be awe-inspiring and by being authentic in all you say and do, changes the way you are seen by others.  It is important in today’s business world to be seen for who you really are, by being believable, trusted and sometimes vulnerable.  I believe that there is no difference between who you are in business or in your personal life.  The basics of ‘who you are’ needs to resonate in both.

In business today we need to be awe-inspiringly real … it is about being yourself and knowing your own self-worth.  No-one really ever wants you to be someone other than who you really are.

Awesomeness comes from deep inside you, and for many people they are not even aware of their own awesomeness.  We all have it and need to acknowledge it and allow the door to open to honesty by setting ourselves free so we can become truly authentic.

To be authentic is to be really REAL and be who you WANT to be, not who you think you need to become.  It is not about anyone else, it is about YOU!  Your truth is what you project in every thought, word, feeling and action.  Authenticity equals truth, the truth that you feel in every fibre of your being.  It comes from your heart not your head.  When you feel it, it resonates in you a good feeling.  By understanding your own truth and authentic self, you will find who you really are.  Allow others to see and know you … reveal yourself for you are unique and special.

We all have within us hidden fears, doubts and worries.  By allowing the wise and powerful part of ourselves, often called ‘the higher self’, the opportunity of showing our true unique passion, values, visions, talents, abilities and our sense of purpose, comes out.

Until you really understand your real purpose of why you are here and what you are to do in this life, you will be short changing yourself of showing the world your true unique identity. When you understand what you are here in this life to do and be, then you will know the importance of leaving a legacy behind you, when your time on earth is over.

I often say to my clients, what do you want people to say about you when you die and your name is mentioned?  What was the dash (-) between your birth and death date?  Did you make your mark? Were you memorable for the good work you did?

As we gain conscious awareness, we learn how to live a life of joy, peace, love, freedom, abundance, gratitude and all the other beautiful things life allows us to be, whilst being in tune with who we really are every moment of our day, every day.

I am not saying that you will not have times of worry and stress in your life.  This is necessary for you to develop and become who you are.  We only learn through the experiences we have so it is necessary to be pushed at times, sometimes further than we would like.

So, open the door and become who you really are by setting yourself free to be REAL!  Become a master of your life and live on purpose and with passion.

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