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7 Necessary & Important Things For Networking


HCU TEMPLATEAs a business owner, learning the importance of networking/relationship building is vital to YOU and YOUR business.  By learning the 7 Necessary & Important Things For Networking you will be ahead of everyone else.

I find that most people are unaware of importance on how they are perceived when networking.  Are you a go-giver or a go-taker?

7 Tips on Networking:

1          ALWAYS understand why you are networking

2          KNOW why you are going to an event 

3          ARRIVE early for an event and NEVER leave early 

4          GIVE without expectation of return 

5          UNDERSTAND your demographic so you are in the right place

6          BUSINESS CARDS are your shop window

7          FOLLOW UP is the most important part of networking 


  1. ALWAYS understand why you are networking

I find when networking that people do not really understand what they want from networking or the event they are attending.  Setting goals prior to attending is a MUST.  Attending events and being ‘out there’ is a marketing exercise.  Ask yourself WHY you are there, WHAT you want to achieve and HOW will be know if you have achieved it?

Firstly, I believe you are there so that you can grow your relationship contacts and inform others of what you do and where you need and want support to achieve the outcome you want.  Gaining information, a network, knowledge and business growth is all important.  You are not there to SPAM people or to EXPECT a return until you have gained the TRUST that you and your business deserve.


  1. KNOW what you want from an event 

Are you attending to make new business acquaintances, for career advancement, to make more money, to help others, to gain a better profile etc?  This is very important as you will networking differently dependent on why you are there and what you are looking to achieve.  So be very clear as to why you are networking and how you can give the right message.


  1. ARRIVE early for an event and NEVER leave early 

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to arrive early and be supportive to the person running the event.  By being there and looking as if you know what you are doing can give you an influence that you would not necessarily have.  This will be dependent on your personality style and the type of event you are attending.

I suggest that people mark out in their diary half an hour prior and half an hour after an event to make sure that they get the full benefit.  The best networking is always after an event when people are totally relaxed and sure of the environment.  Arriving late and leaving early will always be noted so I suggest that you do not attend if it is a first or second time event and you do not know others there.


  1. GIVE without expectation of return

The most important thing when networking is to give without expectation of return.  You give to support others in the best way you can without any obligations.  If people like and trust you they will want to give to you in whatever way they are able.  This may be in the form of a referral, a testimonial, purchasing your products/services or something else.  If people feel that they are obliged to give, then they probably will not.


  1. UNDERSTAND your demographic so you are in the right place

It is important to understand your demographics.  Know your target market and niche within that market.  This is one of the biggest mistakes people make in networking. They often are in the wrong place for them and who they are wishing to meet.


  1. BUSINESS CARDS are your shop window

I am surprised at the number of people who say to me ‘I do not have a business card as I do not need one’.  I am usually rather shocked when I hear that from a small business owner, even a successful one.  To me, it is arrogant and I wonder how their business is really progressing.

Your business card is your shop window.  It is the way people can make contact if they need to or pass on your information to someone else.  I am always happy to pass on a business card to someone if I feel that it will be useful to them.

NEVER run out of cardsThis in business is inexcusable.  I believe that if you are a networker you need to be spreading your cards around as much as possible.  You never know who may want to make contact with you.  Be aware that your branding needs to be on your business card, your website, your social media, your emails etc.  Remember, your card is your shop window and you will be judged on them.


  1. FOLLOW UP is an important part of networking  

This is a factor that many forget.  Do not ever assume that someone will make contact.  If you want to know them, be the first to show them.  Find them on Social Media and connect with them if they are people who you feel you have a synergy.  Get to know them and their marketplace.  Meet them for a coffee or drink to learn more about them and their product/service if not for you, for your clients and friends.


If you want to know more and would like to discuss this further, feel free to call for a free strategic networking 15 minute session.

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How To Prevent Burnout From Over Networking!

How to prevent burnout from over networking

This is a story I know well.  I have suffered from burnout from over networking more than once.

I became known as ‘the people connector’ because of my networking and communication skills. It gave me the opportunity to meet and promote others. I learned the skills through trial and error as there was no Google or books available.

Some skills from one perspective were good. The others, not so good, as I discovered the pitfalls!

Have you found that you are not in control of your networking?

I have hit the wall nine times, by pushing myself over my own individual limits. This was a result of me wanting to do it all too fast. Networking takes time for any results and I have learned that it is worth doing, as long as you know why you are doing it and what outcomes you want.

I now recognise that I am not a total extrovert, as people thought. I enjoy and love people. I do now find that I have a limit on my level of energy for networking, which was once natural but has become more limited as I have aged.

You may be wondering why this subject is important. For me, it has been to understand myself and my clients better, whom I see going through burnout often. We strive to do the things that networking requires of us. Unfortunately, we do not think of the toll that this may take.

What is networking burnout?

Networking burnout is when we become both emotionally and mentally burnt out, more often than not, trying too hard to find our community. We search and attend too many events without recognising what we are doing. We burn the candle at both ends until we can do it no more. We are always saying ‘yes’, especially when we would rather say ‘no’.

This happens to many, especially people who are new and uneducated in networking. We need to accept that we can get peopled out!

An introvert will burnout earlier than an extrovert if they do not recognise they need time to re-energise.

People of all age groups get burnout. We often forget that networking is not only going to events. It is the meetings that go after events, the social media that is necessary, the follow through and more.

Physical face-to-face networking is only one part of the networking process. It is the ‘small’ part, but for many, it becomes the ‘big’ part! It is both time-consuming and draining, especially for the introverts.  An extrovert energises by being with people, the opposite of an introvert.

It is important that you consider 3 things when looking for an event:

  • Will it benefit your business?
  • Will it inspire you?
  • Will it expand your knowledge and contacts?

If all these get ticked, you are on a winner.

Learning to understand the difference between the introverts and extroverts is important. This will help you to recognise and manage yourself better.

Networking is different for both the introvert and extrovert. Watch this video to find out more by Roger Hamilton, the creator of Wealth Dynamics. Wealth Dynamics In 10 minutes.

It can also be a great asset to know the differences in the generations when networking. Here is another video what will support your understanding on Generation X, Y, Z

Your understanding of the marketplace you are looking to target and niche is essential.

So, to prevent burnout from a personal perspective here are a few suggestions.

  • Learn to understand your body’s need for rest
  • Be aware of what you consume food/drink wise
  • Drink good water
  • Become more mindful and meditate
  • Exercise by going for a walk daily
  • Spend some time in nature
  • Learn better breathing exercises
  • Take time out in your diary for ‘you’
  • Learn how to say ‘no’
  • Set goals for your own personal self.

To prevent burnout from a networking perspective here are a few suggestions.

  • Know why you are networking
  • Understand your personality style
  • Be selective and be present
  • Know your target and niche
  • Research the market/generations
  • Set goals and keep to them
  • Have a system and follow it
  • Find your tribe/community
  • Leverage with a networking buddy
  • Build strategic alliances
  • Schedule ‘me’ time and breaks away
  • Know when you have had enough!

There is quite a list here and I will cover them all in separate postings later.

I love speaking on this subject, so if you are looking for someone to enlighten those around you, give me a call on 0414 278 344.

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Ready to take yourself and your business to the next level? Let me know!
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Advantages of Networking/Co-Operative Business Practices

Advantages of networking co-operative business practices

The most stabilising force behind any business I believe is what we call “Networking” or “Business Relationship Building”.  I prefer to use the words ‘business relationship marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, netweaving or relationship building’. The reason for this is that people around the world  tend to relate the word networking with either multi-level or networking marketing (MLM) programmes.  When I first started ‘networking the word networking meant interconnected computer systems.

We discover with time that both friends and supporters are necessary for not only our personal lives but in our business lives as well.  There are several reasons for this and different types of relationships too that need to be built. 

The making of money isn’t always the reason people do networking.

If you are currently in business you know that the going can get tough and it’s the community and relationships you build around you that can make the difference between keeping your doors open or closing them.  Another primary reason is the education you will receive and the guidance you will give in return.  Every person you meet has something to teach you. Likewise, you have something to teach them.

Firstly, it can be a good idea to get clarity on where you are in your business. Making a list of the peripheral people that help, edify, teach, refer, or otherwise help you to grow your business is a good first step. 

Who are the people who believe in you and are willing to tell you the truth, even when you may not want to hear it?  These are your business friends.  These people are a very important foundation for your business, especially if you are in small business. 

The most important thing in any business is your attitude and the extent of your daily communication skills.  This will show how you maintain your integrity and reputation. Consider all your business communications as a stepping stone to not only the person you are communicating with, and hopefully all the people they know as well. Referral is the easiest way to build a good and solid foundation for any business.  From this, repeat business is all you need to continue on.  It is far easier (and cheaper) to keep a client than look for a new one!

Nurture the opportunities that come your way by providing something of value.  It never hurts to be the first person to put something on the table. It builds trust in a world where trust is often challenged. 

Don’t turn away every opportunity that won’t make money because sometimes these opportunities build dynamic pathways to larger financial avenues.  As an example, consider the editor who began working with a fairly unknown author but had faith in his abilities. As it turned out, this author was a fountain of contacts within the media industry – to other well-known authors, and to additional businesses.  The work performed by the editor for free, for this one person, became the best advertising ever generated for her business. In turn, the relationship she built with the author became bonded for life through goodwill.

Let’s consider the possibilities for you to locate additional business relationships. 

What organisations do you belong to, discussion lists, open forums, breakfast/lunch networks etc? 

I’ve heard too many times from business owners that they do not have time to join groups and socialise.  Trust me; you don’t have the luxury not to, especially if you’re a small business. It’s not necessary…it is vital.

Another important business building tool is your business card. This is your shop window.  It may be the one thing that makes someone contact you. I am surprised at the numbers of people who either don’t have a business card or don’t have the proper information on them.  Your card must be clear, easy to read and give all your details for contact.  Add information of what you do and what the services are you offer too. Note that the font needs to be large enough for everyone to read, no matter their age!

I know many people think that having a mobile phone is enough to add into it quickly and easily.  I disagree that this is all that is necessary.  There are certain personality styles that need to have something in their hand.  Once added to the phone it can be easily forgotten.  On a card, it will get looked at if only to glance, but that can be enough to get the mind thinking. 

I do believe that business cards for small business owners need to have a current photo on it. This makes it easier for people to remember who we are which they are in their office or not likely to see us again.  Social media gives us the opportunity to join the dots too.

Another way to support your business is to find someone who you trust to give the same service and professionalism as yourself, who has a complimentary business.  You can then support each other in what we call co-operative business building.  This is very effective and time-saving.

If you haven’t already started to build your network, it’s time to locate the organisations in your industry and start making friends as well as ad hoc compatible networking groups. It will pay you back one hundredfold. Building relationships in business is an effect and a simple way to build your business if you know how.  So consider it as time well spent and get started today!

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