Are You making A positive Difference With Your Networking?

I am surListening-Business-Man-Young-Resized2prised how challenging others think it is to make a mark on somebody’s life. Most people who are networking feel that they’re creating connections solely for their own business, instead of considering how they can support others to achieve their dreams.

How do you make an impact in another’s life in your networking? Are you sensitive to others in their searching? Do you pay attention to what they’re really asking once they consult with you?
Regardless of who we are or what we do, everyone has needs aside from business.  So, do you hear others when they voice their wants in life and helping them make it easier  It might be a great trade’s person, an accountant or a bookkeeper, an excellent restaurant, or a place where you’ll get good quality stationery that they are searching to find?
As you can tell, people discuss all kinds of things that won’t be anything related to their business.  This doesn’t mean that their needs are any less important if they aren’t business related. This is where good networking starts by listening to other’s needs.
By becoming aware you will be able to really make a difference to a lot of people’s lives just by listening to what they’re trying to locate or the contacts they wish to make to support their
We are very fortunate to have Social Media.  We’re getting an excellent opportunity to connect with more people, dealing with and learning more about the ‘friends’ whom we personally know within our network.  This provides us the chance to support many more people than we were able to before the invention of the internet.
To build up a great relationship for future success it’s vital that you are seen as somebody who understands the needs of your contacts, supports these to find what they’re searching to locate and be referred to as a person with good contacts.  It is important to make sure that anyone you refer on is a reflection of you and your business. If the referral is not valuable and treated as such, it may be a waste of time and energy for either or both parties, which may put your reputation on the line in regards to your ability to be a good referrer.
It is important to always remember that building relationships cover every area of our lives, not only business.
So, reconsider the best way to help others in your network to attain what they desire beyond their businesses by helping them to get in contact with the one they are trying to find. For this reason, by being familiar with your network, customers and contacts you can support them to achieve what you both are looking for!
Become the supporter that YOUR network needs.

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