About the Author – Jennie Gorman


Jennie Gorman is known as ‘the people connector’ for her relationship building skill in her networking and masterminding facilitation and teachings.

As a sixth generation Australian she knows she is one of those people who has been blessed with opportunities that have supported her to grow and lead her life to its fullest.

She learned the value of responsibility when very young. Being sent to boarding school at the tender age of 8 years old taught her skills she still uses today in both networking and masterminding. As heartless as it felt at that time, she is often reminded of the exceptional skills learned from this experience. She will be forever grateful for these early learning.

As a mother, grandmother and down to earth business women, Jennie Gorman lives and loves life with a passion for people.

Living her passion daily Jennie aspires to support others to do the same. She supports small business owners to realise their own dreams as a coach and mentor.

Jennie’s focus is all about the WHY of life.  Her key question is  – Why are you here and what is your purpose?

Over many years of learning and teaching about relationships in business, Jennie has recognised that there is no difference between who we are you are in both our personal and business world.  It is all about being authentic – your REAL self.

She asks ‘what is it to be awesome?’

For Jennie it is being real, accountable and responsible to self and others.