p-inthumbnailThe ‘Plugged-In Series’ Launch was very well received by the attendees. The event was an all over success.

Our highly acknowledged four speakers were brilliant. Hitesh Mohanlal on Finance; Tamara Simon on Systems and Time Management; James McNamara on Sales and Natasha Howie on Marketing/Brand Authority. They all WOW’d the room with their knowledge and experience.

These four speakers are going to be delivering both the presentation in Business 101 and the workshop in Business 102 in their segment of the Plugged-In Series.

Thank You to all the people who supported and participated in the launch.

I am now very excited and looking forward for the next Plugged-In Series Event on ‘HOW’ I can help YOU take your Business to SUCCESS!

So, no matter where your business is at, you have the opportunity to move both yourself and your business to the next level for greater success. We start off with Business 101 with EDUCATION, moving into Business 102 with ACTIVITIES – PROCESS and then finally onto the MASTERMINDING process.

I am with YOU in this journey, so let’s LEARN – INNOVATE and ACCELERATE together!!”