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Thank you for coming to my site.

It’s a great place to land because Connexions Unlimited is actually all about you – specifically, it’s a business made up of many different small projects so that I can service, support and make an enormous difference to you.

And that’s WHY there are so many different things here.  You see, my life is all about daily ‘making a difference’ and by creating what I have created I have the opportunity to touch many people so that I can support them and their needs.

You’ll discover that there are different business names and logos so find the relevant one/s to suit you, the things you need now –  at this moment in time.

Some groups have a web site, a social media page and/or a MeetUp page etc.  You’ll see all links on the right for more information.

Please just connect with me if you want or need any information concerning what we do  and how we can help you.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Make this day a great one … have fun, laugh lots and enjoy!





Jennie Gorman

Connexions Unlimited   


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I would like to improve my Networking Skills via one-on-one or a workshop   ==> Click here



How to Business Network … 


Business networking is the fastest, most economical and strategic way to build your business. Learn how to do the face-to-face relationship building by attending events that are your niche marketplace as well as using the big four of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+) to enhance your presence in the business world.

Jennie specializes in both these two areas and loves to see her clients gain their particular outcomes if they follow her systems for success.


I have worked with Jennie at my own business groups where she has been one of my speakers. I have attended her Networking Chats group along with her Power of Relationship Marketing workshop.on improving my networking skills. I would highly recommend Jennie and if anyone should be thinking of attending her Networking Chats group or workshop training days. 

— Suzy Butterworth – Best Fit Finance, Brisbane, Australia  


I have found Jennie’s extremely professional and knowledgeable within the networking arena. She is a person that is trustworthy and honest. When I am attending Jennie’s events I am always welcomed and encouraged towards my goals within my business. She is someone who is a good leader, always supporting others through the ability to influence with passion and the love of life. She is one of those people that when you walk away from her you think ” I am so pleased to have meet this person today” instead of thinking “how quick can I get away.” I wish Jennie all the success with her business and her future aspirations. 

— Lee Stem – High Performance Coaching and Training, Brisbane, Australia 


It is my pleasure to recommend Jennie Gorman as a well-connected business woman with integrity and influence. I have known Jennie for many years in her various networking roles, and she derives great pleasure in welcoming new people to her events and ensuring they are connected with others in friendship and in business. 

— Bev Ryan – Women’s Publishing Network, Brisbane, Australia 


Jennie is an amazing networker and connector. Her connections have led to several business transactions but most importantly a few good friends as well! Jennie is a true expert in networking. 

— Natasha Howie, GetSmart Websites, Brisbane, Australia  

Loved the workshop. Great teaching.  Met some excellent new business people with big hearts and a GIVER attitude.  Well done Jennie.  You added your own special brand of magic and warmth to the day.

 Rose Gibbens, http://www.nrggroups.com.au/ 

If you are a seasoned networker or right at the beginning of your relationship building journey, you will go away from one of Jennie’s workshops and learn something.  Thank you Jennie.  

 — May King Tsang, http://www.maykingtea.com 

“Thanks Jennie Gorman for such a very informative workshop. It was great to see so many business people there all wanting to learn how to improve what they were doing as well as monetising networking. Your knowledge and wisdom is immense. Again many thanks.”   

Gail Timms, http://www.energisus.com.au/ 

“Jennie, a huge thank you for ‘The Power of Relationship Marketing’ workshop you ran on Saturday from Our Business Hub. It was an awesome day … really worthwhile information, inspirational and yet so practical. I would recommend it to anyone… business owners and their personnel…everyone would benefit from a workshop such as this one. I also enjoyed making new contacts and really appreciate your commitment to making our business journey a better one. 

Gail Canes, Ultimate Body,  www.ultimate-body.com.au


“While attending a NEIS class and preparing my draft business plan I found the presentation by Jennie Gorman on goals, networking and relationship marketing very timely and complimentary to the work I had been doing.  It opened a window of opportunity to view my situation in fresh dimensions, emphasising the value of and need to connect with others in the small business community ….. and in person.  Attending a one day follow up workshop generously provided by Jennie at her “business hub” location was extraordinarily helpful.  It clearly identified the basic steps to successful networking, the mindset this entails, and avenues to promote one’s business through social media.  Further in her generosity Jennie has since provided me with a guest placement at some of her Network Chats held at her business hub.  Observing and meeting up with actual small business owners gave some much needed firsthand experience and a joyous learning curve that I continue on.  At her workshop Jennie provided participants with her book entitled “Awesome Authenticity:  Mastering Business Relationships”.  I found the principles and many, if not most, of the details outlined in that book reflected in the practices of two mentors I have gained this past month in my business area of specialist interest and rapid change in requirements.”

Anne Bothwell

“Thank you Jennie Gorman for the ‘Power Hour’ with me today. During the time together my expectations were met and I now have a direction on how to build my Rhonda Brown Artist business. I realise this will take time, however I am so excited about the process ahead of building a profile and connecting with so many awesome people. Thank you for suggesting so many practical and simple ways to do this. Such a valuable and powerful hour!”

Rhonda Brown, www.thecreativityqueen.com.au 

“Had an amazing one on one Mastermind session with Jennie Gorman today. If you are looking for a professional networking and business mentor, speak to Jennie. Her knowledge of small business is outstanding.”

Madonna Robinson,  http://www.excellerateyou.com/

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