cash flow

4th May, 2015 – Find Extra Dollars in Your Business This Thursday!

Are you in business and doing okay financially? Or maybe your cash flow is not so great at the moment. Hitesh Mohanlal can help you! He’s presenting at Rocklea on the 7th and 21st May, 2015. Book today as places are limited…

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29th April 2015

Are you thinking about starting a business or have already started? If so, YOU need this session to make sure you are doing everything that needs to be done to keep yourself ahead of the crowd.

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2015 ‘PLUGGED-IN’ SERIES - Business 102

20th March 2015

BOOKINGS NECESSARY though. Let’s look into the what, why,who, when, where and how.

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16th March 2015

Mark Your Calendars now!

If you’d like to grow your business, go after more exciting opportunities and make more money?

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13th March 2015

There are few events that You can join to Learn & Grow your business from where You want to be. Most of the events are FREE, so your TIME is your only investment.

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10th March 2015

I am excited to start the Plugged-In Series’  ball rolling with the basic areas of business that many have never thought about in depth.

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Our highly acknowledged four speakers were brilliant. Hitesh Mohanlal on Finance; Tamara Simon on Systems and Time Management.

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business transformation

10th February 2015

The ‘Plugged-In Series’ aims  to take you from NOW to BUSINESS SUCCESS!  It is your choice. We want YOU to:  LEARN – INNOVATE – ACCELERATE.

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9th February 2015

We are now up and running at long last.  Welcome to our site. This is going to be an on-going news information page that will keep you up to date with everything.

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