’10 Things I Need To Know About Networking’

by Jennie Gorman


This e-book covers 10 of the most important things a networker needs to know to be successful.


This easy-to-read e-book captures Jennie’s knowledge and years of experience as a networking business professional. It reveals her secrets, strategies and tactics and gives you the techniques to easily do the same for the benefit of you and your business.
In fact, you could say, it’s like having Jennie guide you personally through the process of building your professional network…




The E-Book Contents:

– Relationship Building
– How to Connect with New People
– Listening Skills
– Importance of Business Cards
– The Importance of Follow-Up
– How Goal Setting Will Change YOUR Business
– Where is Your Niche Market?
– Your Networking Self Analysis
– Prospecting and Networking
– Becoming a Sphere of Influence.


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