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expert_author_2I love to write about Networking, MasterMinding and Personal Development so you will see articles attached to all these areas within this site.

Below are listed article headings for you to peruse.

By learning the skills necessary you can find out for yourself how these areas can change you and your business in the future.

Networking is the start to business relationship building, learning how to collaborate, share and joint venture will move you to the next level. By progressing to MasterMinding you allow yourself to have your own independent ‘board of directors’ who will keep you accountable and support you to grow your business.  If this is what you want, then masterminding is for you.

Understand that business networking will enhance your business but not give you the leverage that a business mastermind group can give you.  By being in a business mastermind group you will be kept accountable and your business will move forward.

For any person who owns a business it is necessary to have self growth too, thus the Personal Development section with articles.  Being in business is a large growth area for us all and necessary if we want our businesses to expand and develop to the next level.

If you want to grow and expand as a business owner, you will find that masterminding is far more productive and worthwhile.  I see business networking as kindergarten and masterminding as university … where would you like to be?

Jennie Gorman – The People Connector


The following list of Articles written by Jennie Gorman can be found in the relevant areas below under the following headings:

Networking & MasterMindingPersonal Development



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Tribes Can Change the World
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The Power of Vision
A Referral Network that Gives You Leads! 
Christmas Time Sharing
Jim Rohn Teaches Goal Setting Using S.M.A.R.T Goals
Is Networking For Me?
The Basics In Building Lasting Relationships



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How Clarity of Your Vision Will Drive You Forward
The Benefits of MasterMinding
10 Tips for Start Up Businesses
What does it mean to be Authentic
Want To Move Your Business Forward with MasterMinding?
Accountability in Business
Million Dollar Lasting Relationship
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How to make Your Business Grow in the future?
How are you at Building Business Relationship?
Get You Own Board Of Directors
Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich



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Creative Expression
Why Do Birds Flock Together?
Why Resilience is important in Relationship Building
What Can We Control In Life?
Christmas … it is that time of year again to reflect
Friendship – are you a true or false friend
Who controls your life?
You have permission to walk away
Pondering …
As the tide comes in …
Reflecting on what Life has been!
Be More than Good, Be Great!
Why Trust is Important in Small Business
As I Sit and Ponder …
Your Power of Vision
Leadership and Change
Do you ‘own’ your life?
Making a Difference
You Can’t Put an Old Head on Young Shoulders
Why the Owl?
Living Your Purpose
This Too Shall Pass
A Journey of Self Reflection
The Grieving Process
NetWeavers are here to serve
Where Is Your Focus?
Gratitude … what is it really?
Tribes can change the world
Rediscovering Purpose
“From Little Things, Big Things Grow”
What a small business owner must be …
Life Is a Wonderous Journey
Resistance … why do we resist change?
The ‘Wake-Up’ Call
Are you in the right business for you?
Trust Your Journey
Conscious Wisdom
The Crossroads of Life
Building Self-Trust
What is a Guru?
What Does Trust Mean in Small Business?
Reading Between the Lines
Lead by Example
Finding Our Own Innate Wisdom
Casting Pearls Before Swine
Awareness and Self-Awareness
My Awesome Life
My Life’s Purpose